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Disable Windows 10 Upgrade Notifications


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Finally Windows 10 made it to market. Today (30-JUL-2015) it was released for around 190 countries. Microsoft is providing the free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1. You must have a legal license with verified status for this.

My problem was that I just don’t want to upgrade. Since last month, I was getting these nag screens. This is very early to change to a new operating system without testing it, reading reviews and looking at bugs etc. However, my system doesn’t understand this. Neither will yours. The notifications are popping out every now and then and this nagging message is quite irritating.

So. Can you remove it? Yes, you can.

Just navigate to Start menu, type ‘cmd‘ in search or Run box and press enter.

Next type ‘regedit‘ and press enter. This will open Registry Editor.

Run Regedit from Star Menu
Run Regedit from Star Menu

Now, navigate to reach ‘Gwx‘ by clicking the tree from Computer. Follow the below path;


Right click on the other side and create a DWORD value from NEW menu,


Give it a name ‘DisableGwx‘ and press enter.

Now double click it and enter ‘1‘ to disable this key.

DisableGwx by entering 1
DisableGwx by entering 1

Reboot your system. This nag message should not bother you anymore.

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