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You don’t like Ads in uTorrent? Let’s remove them.


While working with my fellow server Admins and web developer friends, every now and then we share files like Linux kernels, modified codes, distros etc. Many times our files are huge in size and we need peer-to-peer support with security. So using torrent proves to be a good idea and what can be better than uTorrent as a client?

uTorrent is everyones favorite torrent client. uTorrent is closed source and free, since its beginning from 2004 until today. However, starting from version 3.2.2 they went Ad-supported. I have been using it since 2005 and never had a complaint (well… some but not like it was ruining my ease). I hate adverts in any kind of software as much as I hate pop-up advertisements in webpages. I like uTorrent and I support it but for now it’s impossible for me to buy it. So, I decided to remove the ads using the advanced options of uTorrent.

As per one news, uTorrent team said that they will put an option to disable ads but they never said that it will be ‘click and remove’. You will need to follow these steps to remove ads in uTorrent;

Open up your uTorrent client. You will see that there are two places where adverts are shown.

remove ads utorrent geekact

Click on the Option Menu and Select Preferences. Then go to the bottom most option i.e. Advanced and click it. A dialog will appear with many handlers/settings and a filter box.

Type ‘offer‘ in filter box (without quotes) to filter out settings related to adverts only.

advanced option utorrent

Go ahead and disable all of them by setting value as ‘false‘ for all of them  (in small letters without quote).

all ads remove option utorrent geekact

For some settings,  if there is no option to select then you can manually put the ‘false’ and click ‘SET’ as shown;

set false off ads utorrent geekact

Hit OK and restart the software. Make sure you are connected to internet and wait for sometime. Nothing will come up and nothing will change in ads sections.

However, you can notice that instead of ads in bottom of the sidebar; now appears a static button saying ‘Upgrade to Plus’. Can we remove it? Of course you can! This is GeekAct. I think,  ‘you’ as a reader should always get more. You need to change one more setting to remove this ‘Upgrade to uTorrent Plus’ button.

upgrade utorrent plus geekact

Go back to Advanced settings. Type ‘plus‘ (without quotes) in same filter box and one more setting will appear. Set its value to ‘false‘ as you did previously. The button on the sidebar will disappear instantly.

remove plus button utorrent geekact

Enjoy an ads-free version of uTorrent in free without paying anything and that too totally legal!

One Comment

  1. Valish

    August 23, 2013 at 11:07 am

    This one is good trick. Thank you. Got rid of those nagging ads in my utorrent. Any ideas for CuteFTP?


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