GApps 5.1.1 for 12.1 Custom ROMs (ARM)

GApps 5.1.1

I am writing this one as a download placeholder for Gapps 5.1.1 because, it has got very tough to get a ‘working’ copy of GApps 5.1.1 for 12.1 Custom ROMs. Things are changing very speedily and Marshmallow i.e. Android 6.0 is becoming a trend so, it has became amazingly difficult to find a decent older GApps for Android 5.1.1.

Doesn’t OpenGapps has all the GApps? Then why this?

Yes, it does have 5.1. However, they don’t provide any working subversion 5.1.1 which would work on all Android 5.1.1 custom ROMs. Don’t believe me? Just download one copy of pico, micro or nano and try to install. I tried with all 5.1.1 version and result is same.

The following error is seen while installing current Open GApps 5.1,

incompatible android rom detected 5.1.1

All the custom 5.1.1 ROMs like ResurrectionRemix, Marsh 2.0, BlissPop etc. rejects the GApps from OpenGapps.

For me, the only version which worked is ‘micro’ release version dated 13-JAN-2016. It is little old. However, you only need the framework to get things started. You can upgrade the apps later on.

So, I am providing here an untouched and a working version of GApps 5.1.1 for CM 12.1 and Custom ROMs built for ARM devices. The file name is,

Make a comment to let me know if it works for you and share to say thank you.

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  • Finally. I could pass ‘incompatible android rom detected 5.1.1’. I confirm this works and easy like e in easy.

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