Installing nAa Kernel & Custom ROM on X8, W8, X10 Mini & X10 Mini Pro

Mrinal Buddekar

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  1. Kiran says:

    And finally I got Custom nAa Kernel with this great ROM. Thanks mrinal u rock

  2. somnath says:

    thanks man. gr8 guide. will wifi work in naa kernel

  3. mark says:

    I finally found this awesome guide.

    just to be sure my x8 was E15i.

    its the same right??

    thx again dude..

  4. mayank says:

    thanks for all this

    everything is alright

    but call recording is unavailable

    i'm using naa kernel and mini7 on w8

    plz help

    thank u

    • @mayank: You need to download 2 way call recording app from market. Then it will work. Just for record: Call recordings are illegal and punishable under law; unless other side knows and agree about it.

  5. mayank says:


    but two way call recorder not available in market, so i searched in xda developer & found rVoix which works gr8 in w8 nAa kernel with some outgoing call bug.

    thanks for ur interest.

  6. Gaurav says:

    this is really awesome. never thought it would be so easy.

    thanks a lot buddy! you are really great.

    once I used to think that I would be stuck with my old kernel and rom forever but you made it possible and that too in a so easy and simple way.

    you are awsome buddy.

    thank you so much once again.

  7. usman ghani says:

    dear sir my xperia x10 mini pro u20i was on charger last night but in morning it was restarting after sony ericsson animated logo battery was some that hardware problem or software? Is your guide useful for this fault? Kindly help me i will be greatful.

    Sorry for my poor english.

    One thing my charger fuse blast 1month before but circuit was safe i repaired my charger it is working good. Is this hardware fault or software?

    Reply me as soon as possible



    Usman ghani

  8. rey says:

    does it works for indian phones ???

  9. usman ghani says:

    sir ans my question pleaseeeeeeee

  10. usman ghani says:

    is there any guide to flash xperia x 10 mini pro u20i vodafone

    • @usman ghani: This is the guide. and so the unlocking bootloader one. People often kill there phone to save little cash. Get yourself a new charger. This guide is for flashing and not the hardware repair thing. This issue seems more like of hardware but you can try Sony Update Service to repair it. You will need to see the Service Center if this problem persist even after software repair.

  11. Andreas Straub says:

    Dear Mrinal Buddekar,

    here's what my flashtool keeps saying… is it because maybe I already have CM mini installed (and fro the laggy performance concluded, I should have flashed the kernel, which I am desperately trying to do now)? Do I need to swipe the phone first? It also says "Device connected with USB debugging off", but I did turn on debugging mode before turning it off… any ideas?

    Yours, Andreas

    29/059/2012 01:59:44 – INFO – Phone ready for flashmode operations.

    29/059/2012 01:59:44 – INFO – Start Flashing

    29/059/2012 01:59:44 – INFO – Flashing loader

    29/059/2012 01:59:44 – INFO – Ending flash session

    29/059/2012 01:59:44 – ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY="MAJOR";ERR_CLASS="SECURITY_CLASS";ERR_DYNAMIC="SIN header verification failed"

    • @Andreas Straub: I didn't get you completely. However, tell me that is your phone dead? If yes then use SEUS amd try to repair phone.
      If you have problem with FlashTool only; then try using older versions like 0.5.3 that doesn't give that error if I remember correctly.

  12. Andreas Straub says:

    No, the phone is up and running with CM7, but without the nAa-kernel, it can't use swap, so it's sloooow. (at least that's what I understand)

    I'll try an older version of Flash Tool, if I can find one, I have used 0.7 so far. I'll let you know if that worked. Thanks!

  13. Andreas Straub says:

    Hm… the older FlashTool gives me a different error message. It tells me, I should turn on Unknown Sources and Debugging – which I definitely did, double-checked, tried again – to no avail. I got the notion I should maybe factory reset my phone and start from scratch – which means hours of work which MIGHT help and maybe not, if the problem is, I don't know, in the hardware of my phone or the Win7 64-bit version or just plainly my stupidity… Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Searching Xperia….

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Found at USBVID_0FCE&PID_ADDE5&B248509&0&1

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Start Flashing

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – VER="R8A026";DATE="20100412";TIME="11:41:00";

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Flashing loader

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Now unplug the device and power it on

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – Then go to application settings

    29/034/2012 21:34:49 – INFO – turn on Unknown Sources and Debugging

    29/035/2012 21:35:11 – INFO – Device disconnected

    • @Andreas Straub:Get WinXP first. Then Repair your phone with SEUS. Restart from scratch. Use latest version of FlashTool. That is may be 0.8.X.X. Searc for it and download it. Try with that.

  14. Jaycee says:

    FOR EVEYONE WITH THE X10 mini (E10) This custom Rom does indeed NOT work on this phone model , nor does any custom Rom for that matter. Only the x10 mini Pro ( u20) so do not avoid wasting time and effort with this. The Phone Simply cant handle it.

    Regards Jaycee

  15. gokhul says:

    sir,i am using mobile space is low only 175mb.but all apps are stored in ph memory . is there any way to save my apps in sd card

  16. AthanX8 says:

    @Andreas Straub: did u already factory reset your phone and started from scratch? how did flashing nAa kernel work? I asked because I also have the same problem ("SIN header verification failed").

    My x8 phone is on MiniCM7, kernel says it is "2.6.29 [email protected]#1"

    I cant wait to have CM9 on my x8! 😛

  17. Sorin says:

    Hello…After I followed your steps…The phone stuck's on "MiniCM" logo…

    Can you tell me why and what should I do?

  18. KILLER says:


  19. Teririn says:

    Hello, sir!

    I found the instructions quite helpful, and I followed them to the best of my ability.

    After completing the last step and rebooting my phone several times, I seem to be stuck at the portion where MiniCM just keeps flashing on my screen.

    I am using an Xperia x10 Mini.

    Any help will do. ^^

  20. nowel says:

    hye bro . .can you show me how to install kernel nAA 08 on x10 mini . .???

  21. x10 Mini User says:

    The steps are correct. You need to get the latest rom for it to work! 😀

  22. Hestu says:

    I have already installed gingercruzt R8 CM7 with stock kernel 2.6.29 (W8). If u don't min,please give me step by step tutorial to upgrade the kernel and ROM.

  23. Dana says:

    This is an awesome guide, btw. Just one thing that kinda had me confused for a moment; my phone never did the multiple reboot after flashing. I ended up having to disconnect it and manually turn it on.

    The nAa logo came on and let me go into CWM the first time. Just installed the ROM and about to move on to GAPPS. We'll see how it goes, will probably make an additional post here to either cry or praise a little more.

    Awesome guide though, really.

  24. Dana says:

    Woot woot! Got it to work anyway. nAa logo pops up, followed by the 'Xperia' logo required by the ROM that I used. Used Achotjan's SEMC Debrand Engine ROM instead though. Wicked pretty ROM. <3

    Again, great guide. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  25. yazan says:

    thanks it works

  26. adii says:

    dear sir/madam

    yesterday i unloacked the bootloader and i didn;t face any problem.Then i flashed a naa kernel and i didn't manage it.Luckily my phone didn't face any problems.After 1 hour ,i decided to flah it again and i managed it but my touchsctreen and my volumee buttons don't work.I'm so miserable and i would be greatful if you could help me to solve this problem.

    My phone is the xperiax10 mini

    Please HELPPPP!!!

    • @adii:Generally this problem is related to either kernel or ROM. Try to change each one at a time. Try new version of kernel first. If it didn't work then try new ROM which is totally stable.

  27. Vivek says:

    Hi Mrinal,

    I have tried to flash naa kernel but it ended up in vain.By mistake i flashed the ROM and it got flashed.

    Now my w8 stuck at SE screen due to kernel mismatch i guess.

    Please help me out here…Thanks in advance………

  28. pawan says:

    hey dude i've already flashed custom kernel nAa14 from other source … and now my phone doesnt open.. it repeats the gingerxperia logo time and again… plz help…..

  29. pawan says:

    i already flashed my kernel with nAa14 with the help of other source and now when i try to reboot my device it stocks in the gingerxperia logo. a bit afraid will u plz help me out of this ??????

  30. pawan says:

    iam stuck on the gingerxperia logo.. will u help me out sir????

  31. Norbat says:

    i have a big problem flashtool says unplug device and turn on unknown sources and deblugging an ia have turned on it 🙁 and always this message and i can not start my phone i show nAa lago and phone turned off and turn on and turn of i can´t stop it :((

  32. Steve says:

    WTF how am I gonna remove the battery of xperia x10 mini? ….

  33. Steve says:

    Ok forget my last question. but now Cmmini is the second custom rom I tried to install after Gingerbread DX and it still ( as it did with Gingerbread installed either) keeps restarting, showing the NAa Kernel screen and restarts again. But whyy ._.

  34. Steve says:

    Well thanks for that. Just resetted all with seus and unlocked bootloader gonna try to flash the kernels..
    // I actually tried to flash Gingerbread DX and Cm mini 7 (the download u posted here)

  35. peepee says:

    does rebooting really take long? my phone screen is black until now when I rebooted. Getting nervous here

  36. peepee says:

    my menu button doesn't work what do I do?

    • @peepee: Are you getting nAa screen logo? If yes then did you put right compatible ROM ? It is important so that can boot on this version of nAa. Menu button issue will come if you flashed wrong ROM not made for your phone model. Do some research and check every step you are doing.

  37. martin says:

    showing E:can't mount /sdcard

    what to do??

    pls help

  38. Steve says:

    Why? Why the hell did you upload those freakin' files on depositfiles or if you didn't upload them there, then why'd you use those links? Dammit! -.-

    • @Steve: Relax dude. Look at the date of article. No one would have downloaded so it went away. No uploading service keeps it forever nowadays until you pay them. Now; let me know which files you need. If you still need them; I will do something.

  39. ZeusVidzz says:

    HELP ME!!!! Well I have an Xperia X10 mini. And I was brwsing thur xda blindly without knowledge. I was able to root and unlock my bootloader succesfully. I flashed this nAa thing but I pressed reboot phone and now my phone show some red, blue, black animation in a sort of slideshow motion.. I cnt unplug d battery cuz its xperia x10 mini. help me… this phone is my sister's…

    • @ZeusVidzz: Did you flash ROM after Flashing nAa? Because nAa needs a different ROM. Make sure you flashed correct nAa made foe X10 Mini. You can try reconnecting it to Flashtool and reflash the stock driver. If that works then start over. Make sure you have ROM on SD card first before you begin.
      If that doesn't work then try repairing it with SEUS.
      If that even proves useless then you will need to fetch service center.

  40. wani says:

    your download link cannot be used.. can you give new link? 😀

  41. Maneesh says:

    Hi Mrinal,,Thank you very much for your all guides.I have few doubts to clear with you.

    My x10 minipro now running on stock kernel and minicm 7 PRO according to one of your old guide.Its working perfectly without any problem and I now am planning to upgrade to MiniCM9 with custom kernel.

    1. Do I need to go back to old 2.1 factory ROM before flashing ?

    2. If yes, How can I install old SE rom ?

    3. Can I use JB nAa kernel for installing MiniCm9 ? ( Any backword compatibility )

    All guys are following your advice's expecting a new guide describing ICS + nAa installation soon. Thank you very much bro.

  42. dwat3r says:

    Hi,i also has the same problem like #25 Andreas Straub,i tried everything,different versions of Flashtool,different kernels…and nothing. i have unlocked bootloader and cwm recovery,but i stuck.please help. thanks

  43. shrey kachhap says:

    tried a lot…

    after following evry step , still cannot get anything after nAa kernal screen…

    just a black screen…

  44. shaffy says:

    Thanks a lot man…helped a lot…have been banging my head against all the sites on the net…but this was great..thanks again.

  45. Howard says:

    Thank you very much for this page. I have successfully upgraded Android on my Xperia X10 pro.

  46. ton says:

    Thank you for the concise instructions that help me install miniCM7 on Sony-Ericsson X8.
    I followed the same procedures and had been able to go further to even install miniCM9 (using corresponding nAa-ICS kernel, miniCM9 and corresponding GAPPS) on my X8.

  47. Juan says:

    Thank you so much…your page and instructions were a tremendous help. My u20 works like a dream.

  48. RAj says:

    I installed nAa kernel v08………..
    Today i tried to remove it & install other………. Using Flashtool only
    Now my W8 is not turning on.
    No Sony Ericsson Logo.
    But It vibrates, led working.
    Tell me what can i do.
    I know its not bricked….
    I think there is no kernel inside, so my pc recognizing it as unknown device & im unable to install any kernel, (pc is not supporting flash mod as no kernal inside)
    Please tell me what to do….????

    • @RAj: You first need to check and make sure that ROM you used is compatible with current Kernel version. Different ROMs needs different Kernel versions or sometime totally different kernel. Now if your phone is not starting but blinking and vibrating then it means its not dead. You need to use SEUS or Sony Update Center. Just select Repair when Software says that you already have latest version. This will restore your phone to Stock Kernel and ROM and you will need to start everything from Rooting. I hope it helps. Let me know.

  49. Sathee says:

    🙁 flashtool can’t find the file in C:\Flashtool\firmwares.. i moved correct file to there but nothing..can anyone please help me.. 🙁 🙁

  50. Sathee says:

    ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    always same thing it’s not working whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???

  51. Sathee says:

    29/018/2012 22:18:16 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    29/018/2012 22:18:16 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2012-02-26 19:26:25
    29/018/2012 22:18:16 – INFO – You can drag and drop ftf files here to start flashing them
    29/018/2012 22:18:21 – INFO – Device disconnected
    29/018/2012 22:18:45 – INFO – Selected E15_nAa-11_2.6.29.6-nAa-11.ftf
    29/018/2012 22:18:45 – INFO – Preparing files for flashing
    29/018/2012 22:18:45 – INFO – Please connect your device into flashmode.
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Opening device for R/W
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Reading device information
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Phone ready for flashmode operations.
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Start Flashing
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – INFO – Flashing loader
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY="MAJOR";ERR_CLASS="SECURITY_CLASS";ERR_DYNAMIC="SIN header verification failed"
    29/018/2012 22:18:51 – ERROR – Error flashing. Aborted
    29/018/2012 22:18:52 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    29/018/2012 22:18:53 – INFO – Device disconnected
    29/018/2012 22:18:55 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    29/019/2012 22:19:14 – INFO – Device disconnected
    29/019/2012 22:19:17 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging off
    29/019/2012 22:19:17 – INFO – For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode

    can anyone please HELP me???

    • @Sathee: Hi. It is saying that SIN header verification of file failed. That is about the nAa kernel file. Make sure you downloaded correct file for your phone. Secondly be sure that you have downloaded it completely not broken download. One more thing keep your phone’s ‘Unknown Source’ and ‘USB debigging mode’ to ON before shutting down to start flashing. Let me know.

    • @Sathee: I found the problem after exploring a bit. Process is all fine and works even now. Problem may be your bootloader. Make sure first that it is really unlocked. Search for another post on this blog for unlocking bootloader and follow the instructions to verify the unlocking.

  52. Sathee says:

    Mrinal : i’ve downloaded the correct file nothing..
    and i can’t turn on my phone.technically i can but it stuck at the SE logo before that happens i did turn ON usb debugging.. 🙁

  53. Sathee says:

    @Mrinal; hey why can’t i do it…? i download kernel files twice.. 🙁 HELP HELP HELP

  54. Sathee says:

    @Mrinal ; buddy please help me…this is a big headache to MEE

  55. manish says:

    i have rooted my x8(e15i) while installing rom instead i wrongly install 3.0 rom which cause my phone hanged and sortware crashed after dat i give it to.a local vender to solve thus he do that, but i got android 1.6…..after i root again but it does not root……i m stuck in the android 1.6 only and the os is not original….so it does not update……please help me to get my old software back…..i have backup of previous os whole software………any how cn i change my os again to android 3.0……also i have read that some ttf or somthing lyk dat file required to put in my system file…..also my flashtool says dat it does not have su right……….and while i put dat file the directory does not get to ‘rw’ right please help me…..plzzz!!!!

  56. manish says:

    thank you man….BDW hapiii new year:) 🙂

    • @manish: I checked the procedures. There is nothing wrong in them. Have you tried Sony Ericsson Update Service? There is an option in it to Repair/Reinstall the whole software back with unrooted status and you can start again.

  57. Sathee says:

    @Mrinal; okey bro hope u will post it soon 😀

    happy new year..!!

  58. joel says:

    hey… i hve a sony ericsson w8 and i tried to do wat u said above… but it showed sme error
    02/030/2013 14:30:24 – INFO – Android version : 2.1-update1 / kernel version : 2.6.29 / Build number : 2.1.1.A.0.53
    02/030/2013 14:30:26 – INFO – Device disconnected
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Opening device for R/W
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Reading device information
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Phone ready for flashmode operations.
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Start Flashing
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Processing loader
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Checking header
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – INFO – Ending flash session
    02/030/2013 14:30:46 – ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY=”MAJOR”;ERR_CLASS=”SECURITY_CLASS”;ERR_DYNAMIC=”SIN header verification failed”

    what should i do ??

  59. Sathee says:

    @mrinal;to do that i need to root my how can i root it when it stuck at the SE logo????

  60. gatasayur says:

    why cannot download this file? 9. nAa Kernel Files. 2. X10 Mini (E10): Download

  61. Upendra says:

    After Flashing the new ROM, Screen is struck at Mini CM not moving further.

  62. Shail says:

    Please guide me on this.I am trying to flash ROM] JB-4.1.2.Now this requires a specific JB kernel. The kernel is ftf file.How do I flash this? I read everywhere you need to enter fasboot mode. Can I flash this kernel in flash mode too?

  63. Bojidar says:

    I install the ROM but the first boot takes 50 min? And it”s not runing

  64. karan says:

    cud u plz tell me if i can use x10 mini kernel and rom link to upgarde my x10i…..and if not then cud you plz help me….plz plz plz….i m trying to upgrade my xperia x10i from last 10 days but i m unable to do it…plz help….

  65. Stoneman says:

    xperia u20 gingerbread 2.3.7 to 4.0 ics after update “sony ericsson” white text logo freeze in one day and many more time switch off my mobile but automatically restart mobile and then freeze it

    pls help me …….

  66. vicky says:

    all the links is not working..
    please add another working and available link

  67. Dee says:

    Mrinal, thanks for your technique. Yours are the most completed and easy to understand. I just successfully have the custom rom and kernel in my x10 mini pro. I wonder if the rom and kernel will stay in the system after i change other microsd card?

  68. Optimus Prime says:

    I flashed minicm7 2.2.1 on my x10 mini with naa-14 kernel. My phone is surely working faster now,but battery is over heating for some reason when data connection is enabled,temperature rises up to 47-50 degree celsius.

    So I want to go back to stock ROM, I’ve unlocked bootloader. If I try using SUES or PC companion it reports unsupported software as i’ve unlocked bootloader, and i cant relock bootloader as i’ve custom kernel(i think that will result my phone being bricked). please tell me how can I get back to stock ROM?

  69. /.Kim says:

    Hi. I find your post extremely detailed and useful but the case is unfortunately I got to read it too late. I’m totally a noob, actually I just learned to root my phone today and attempted to change to a ROM using nAa kernel. I guess I rushed it too fast because I ran into the exact mistake you mentioned. The tut did say flash the kernel as the very first step without mentioning that I need to copy the ROM and GAAPS to my SD card first. Now my phone is in the exact state that you mention in step 16 – after flashing the nAa logo, it goes blank. From what you say, I acknowledge that it is because the new kernel isn’t compatible with the old ROM. But the problem is I have no copy of the new compatible ROM in my SD card at the moment, plus I don’t know if my SD card is dead or not since everytime I try to reboot in recovery mode (on my X8) using Flashtool, it always shows the ‘E:Can’t mount /sdcard’ notification. Is my SD card dead, like real dead, now? *fingercrossed*

    I did some research and with my (very limited) knowledge, I guess what I need to do now is to reflash the original kernel (the stock kernel?) so that it works with my current ROM and once my phone gets back to normal, I’ll just redo everything according to what you say. So here is my main point. Sorry since I’m totally a noob but where can I download that kernel? I searched and found ones that seem like it but since I don’t want to mess up further, I guess I’ll ask you for the correct answer. Could you be so kind to provide me with the download link of the stock kernel for my X8? It’s E15i if that matters. This is my first time rooting the device so I think what I need is really the stock kernel. I would really appreciate it if you could send me the link! My phone is off useless now until I some way to bring it to life again!

    And I don’t know if this is another problem but I didn’t know better so even though I did backup my phone beforehand, I did it using xrecovery, not CWM. I still don’t get how this backup thing works, if we do it just in case or it is a mandatory step in the process, so I don’t know if this is that bad or just pretty bad…

    Thank you so much for your time! Sorry for making it too long!

  70. chamara says:

    In My SE Xperia X10
    i’m getting this error

    02/024/2014 15:24:15 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    02/024/2014 15:24:15 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    02/024/2014 15:24:17 – INFO – Please connect your device into flashmode.
    02/024/2014 15:24:21 – INFO – Device disconnected
    02/024/2014 15:24:35 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Opening device for R/W
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Reading device information
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Phone ready for flashmode operations.
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Current device : X10i – CB511HSCSX – 1234-6286_R3C – 1227-4612_3.0.1.G.0.75 – WORLD-1-4-8_3.0.1.G.0.75
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Processing loader.sin
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Checking header
    02/024/2014 15:24:36 – INFO – Flashing data
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Loader : S1_Loader_Root_f851 – Version : R4A024 / Boot version : R8A013 / Bootloader status : UNROOTABLE
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Start Reading unit 00000851
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Reading TA finished.
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Ending flash session
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Waiting for device to reboot
    02/024/2014 15:24:40 – INFO – Waiting for device
    02/024/2014 15:24:41 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/024/2014 15:24:42 – INFO – Device disconnected
    02/024/2014 15:24:43 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/025/2014 15:25:07 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging off
    02/025/2014 15:25:07 – INFO – For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode

    and try 2 flash this error
    02/025/2014 15:25:56 – INFO – <- This level is successfully initialized
    02/025/2014 15:25:56 – INFO – Flashtool Version built on 2013-06-04 22:50:00
    02/026/2014 15:26:01 – INFO – Device disconnected
    02/026/2014 15:26:11 – INFO – Selected X10 es209ra / 4.1.2 / FeraKernel-JB-v4
    02/026/2014 15:26:11 – INFO – Preparing files for flashing
    02/026/2014 15:26:11 – INFO – Please connect your device into flashmode.
    02/026/2014 15:26:18 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/026/2014 15:26:18 – INFO – Opening device for R/W
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Reading device information
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Phone ready for flashmode operations.
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Current device : X10i – CB511HSCSX – 1234-6286_R3C – 1227-4612_3.0.1.G.0.75 – WORLD-1-4-8_3.0.1.G.0.75
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Start Flashing
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Processing loader.sin
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Checking header
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Ending flash session
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – ERROR – ERR_SEVERITY="MAJOR";ERR_CLASS="SECURITY_CLASS";ERR_DYNAMIC="SIN header verification failed"
    02/026/2014 15:26:19 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/026/2014 15:26:21 – INFO – Device disconnected
    02/026/2014 15:26:21 – INFO – Device connected in flash mode
    02/026/2014 15:26:46 – INFO – Device connected with USB debugging off
    02/026/2014 15:26:46 – INFO – For 2011 devices line, be sure you are not in MTP mode

    Can you help me
    what is the meaning of this an how can i flash my x10 when i tried 2 unlock bootloder same error I'm getting., i have Google but i can't find a solution so i hope you kw wht 2 do for this if u know please send me a mail it Will be big big big help for me

    • Hi Chamara

      If you are using latest version of FlashTool then please try to downgrade it. Use version 0.6.X or 0.9.X. They usually work. The latest one is not compatible with older phones many times.

  71. ABDUL says:

    Hey links not working…. i cannot download custom kernel or ROM’s for my x8… please update

  72. raijin says:

    does it works also on w8 ?

  73. sanele says:

    what happens when the phone freezes on nAa KERNAl and does nothing else. try doing the same process but the computer cannot read the phone. what went wrong i followd all the steps
    x10 mini pro

    • Mrinal Buddekar says:

      If your phone is freezing at nAa then there is good chance that you currently have ROM which is not compatible with nAa. When nAa shows up, just enter to CWM recovery and try to flash any custom ROM which is compatible.

  74. Magesh says:

    Hi , Successfully flashed minicm7 2.2.1 on my e10i with naa-14 kernel and also Gapps file. My phone is surely working faster now, but main problem is i could not able to register to my mobile network, so you know how it feels like a smartphone without mobile network.

    Please could you help in this issue.

    Hoping a reply.


  75. Daniel says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to do this since 2012 belive me or not …. It was impossible cuz of some errors.. GUYS! THE TRICK IS TO HAVE STOCK KERNEL AND FOLLOW EVERY SINGLE STEP!
    ! ! ! H U G E T H A N K S ! ! !

  76. Daniel says:

    I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! .. Now, do you know a good rom for alfs8? 😛 ^_^ Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Mrinal Buddekar says:

      Thank you for your such appreciation. I am glad that it helped you. I am sorry for delayed reply. I hope you have find a good ROM. If you haven’t you can try iTimmy 219 from XDA developer site. Just search for it. Hope it helps. 🙂

  77. nikos says:

    Finally a text that has it all means to us fresh that we decided to make an old device a little better. BRAVO my friend thank you very much I’m on the track after the reboot I’ve done everything said, I hope to do well and I have not find any problem in front. again thanks

  78. Neif says:

    Very good job.,.,. Thanks

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