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Install Patches on Kobo Devices


You can make changes to Kobo firmware which gives more customization and better reading experiences. I will describe here that how you can install patches on Kobo. Guide is written for firmware version 3.19.5761 and Kobo Glo but it will same for any firmware version and Kobo device.

Video Guide: Install Patches on Kobo Devices.


1. Kobo running latest version. When I wrote this guide, it was 3.19.5761. If yours is different then first update it to latest available and download same firmware from link in next point.

2. Download one more copy of latest firmware on PC. At time of writing it was 3.19.5761. Download from this thread.

3. Kobo Patching tool with patch files which are firmware version specific. Download from here.

Note 1 I have noticed that sometime after Kobo update, the update file is stored in ‘/.Kobo’ folder in eReader. You can use this same file for above point 2.

IMPORTANT Your Kobo firmware version, downloaded firmware and patch file version – All Should Match.


1. Extract the Patch tools with all files to a folder as shown.

install patches on kobo
Extracted Patch Folder


2. Copy the firmware ‘kobo-root-3.19.5761.zip’  file to ‘3.19.5761_source’ folder or available source folder. Don’t extract the main firmware. It should look like as shown. Your number may vary depending on the current version.

Install patches on Kobo glo
Copy firmware to source folder


3. There will be 2-3 patch files depending on the downloaded file. You will need to open all file ending with ‘.patch‘ and see what you want to enable in your new patched firmware.

Caution: Avoid using MS Word, Notepad etc. Always use Notepad++, Sublime editor or other equivalent for such tasks.

4. Search in all patch files and enable what you want by placing yes and disable by entering no. You can search various patch sections using “patch_enable = `yes`“.

install patches kobo

5. When you are done selecting the patches you want, save the files. Now, navigate to folder where you will see ‘3.19.5761.bat‘ or same kind of batch file (version dependent). Run it and it will generate a new modified firmware in ‘3.19.5761_target‘ or other target folder.

6. Next step is quite simple. Copy the newly created KoboRoot.tgz and copy it to your Kobo device under folder ‘.kobo‘.

7. Disconnect the device and let the update run. After restart you can confirm the installed patch by looking into specific section.



  1. Priyesh

    March 30, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Amazing guide and nice video to install patch on kobo. I loved the way you explained how to edit and enable/disable patches. All other people just skipped it. Thanks for writing this up.


  2. Stephan

    April 7, 2016 at 1:11 pm

    Thanks for taking effort to make video to install patch on kobo. THat one really helped me step by step.


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