Pay by Entropay Virtual Visa Card using it in PayPal


OK! I am really sorry for not returning any of your mails. I am forced to write this guide as I am getting hit by 10-20 emails daily with same questions which I have answered. So, credit goes to all of you, my readers.

I have shown previously how to get a Entropay Virtual Credit Card using your SBI Maestro Debit Card. What if you want to use PayPal and RBI have blocked PayPal payments and purchase. Well! You can add Entropay Cards for payments via PayPal. Totally Legal.

This is not the process to Verify your PayPal. It is for making Payments and Adding Entropay Card to PayPal for future use. Don’t try it for verification. Your account may get suspended and I am responsible then.


1. You MUST have Verified PayPal account by some other means like Bank Account, Cards etc.ย For Indians; Bank Accounts is easy one.
2. I am considering that you already have a working Entropay Card which you have loaded with funds. If not follow above link.
3. You have to purchase something for making this method work. So, come back when you have to purchase something using PayPal or read just for knowledge. It is easy.


Login to your Entropay and keep ready the main page which shows your VCC details.

Now, simply go to purchase something on internet for which you want to use PayPal. Make sure you have enough balance on your Entropay including Currency conversions.

After you select Pay with PayPal, you will taken to PayPal site and asked toย Login to PayPal or create new account.
Login to your account but don’t make any payments.

If you can see there is an option below to Add a Credit Card to your ย PayPal. Select that.

From Entropay site, fill in all Card Details at PayPal site. Keep address and all other details as your PayPal account. Don’t change them. Submit it! It will go through a small check and will be added.

Optional: You can change a small option below which tells PayPal to charge your Card in various currency. Saves some bucks if used wisely.

Pay! It will work. Now, you have card in your PayPal forever which wasn’t cross-checked and which will never be. Unless you click to verify it in PayPal (That will be stupid).

It only returns with error only in condition with low balance. 100% Tested and many times. ๐Ÿ™‚


Now, Regular Questions… So, I get some less emails. ๐Ÿ˜›

1. This procedure is legal?
> 100%

2. I heard RBI stopped PayPal for Indians as payment options?
> You heard incomplete. RBI said about any money received in PayPal can’t be used for any purchases and need to be transferred ย to respective Bank Account. Credit Cards can be still used to make payments. Legal!

3. Can I pay for anything like web hosting, domains, musics also?
> Yes! Didn’t check for iTunes and BlackBerry. You try and report. Credits will be given.

4. What is difference between this method and one we add from inside of PayPal?
> Fraud Check by deduction of $1.99 where Entropay returns error. Here there will be no check as they are concerned about payment. This is the main trick.

5. Verification of PayPal Failed and my Card is blocked to be use on PayPal?
> Read the BOLD QUOTED text in starting of post.

6. Hey! I need your contact.
> Not possible, use comment or contact me form.

7. No screenshots this time?
>I am writing it in tight schedule. Consider making some and sending to me. I will add.

8. Do this for me or assist me personally.
> I am not on your ย payroll. Consider donating then I may do this for you.

9. It returns an error during pay after addition ๐Ÿ™
> Cancel any currency conversion after adding card (its just small option below). Make sure you have enough balance in Entropay card.

10. You help lots of people through your blog and write wonderful. What can I do to help?
> Consider donating. Server costs are high.

11. Your method doesn’t work. Booo–hoooo–nooo
> I never said it will work for all but for majority it will. Recheck whole procedure and stop acting like kids.

12. Some VCC sellers are saying it is risky method?
> I am getting many non-sense comments and mail. How I grounded them? Read Here

For more questions and answers read this post:

All Questions and Answer regarding Entropay, PayPal and SBI. I wrote it to avoid same things in comments. (update 02-Aug-2011)



  • Confirm working! & nice question answers btw :-$\r \nThanks man . u made my day

  • wasted my 2 days to make it work and now i think why didn't i came to your blog before? Thank you very very much. It was very easy and tricky.


  • Hi,\r \n\r \nCan I just ask, what if I change the address at the point of purchasing. Basically I want to make a purchase on eBay, but I use a US shipping address to save on shipping charges. So if I follow all this steps but my shipping address is a US address (not my PayPal registered address is that OK.

    • @Amelie:I really don't think, that will be a problem. Credit card address is matter of PayPal not e-bay. You are using e-bay and for e-bay payment is coming from PayPal. e-bay will not know that is it a credit card or not. That is why PayPal was created to save identity and security for credit cards. PayPal addresses are not matched to shipping address. These two are different things. So, you can see there is nothing which will upset either PayPal or e-Bay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanks mate. Worked like a charm! \r \n\r \ni load my card with $20. After sending $15 via paypal , balance in the cars is $3.30, so who has taken $1.3 fee Paypal or Entropay. Also why is paypal doing currency exchange from euro to dollar even-if my Entropay card is in dollar.Is Entropay main currency is Euro? Is there any trick to avoiding this?\r \n\r \nthanks

    • @karun:I will say… you must have neglected a very small notification which comes at last transaction stage on PayPal site. On last PAY page (on Paypal) there is a small line which says that "Charge me in my currency or Charge me in merchants currency". If you select merchant (which is default and no one tells you why…) then you will charged in merchants currency and so PayPal will take extra charges of currency exchanges. I have made a note of that in same article. Always take care of it.

  • Thanks mate. That worked as well.\r \n\r \nit displayed two options \r \n1. Use PayPal's conversion process to complete my transaction using my card's currency. \r \n2.Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice.\r \n\r \ni selected 'Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice.' So no exchange fee from Paypal. This is so great.

  • I opened both my Paypal and Entropay accounts with my home address but I want the ebay seller to sent it the palce where I study so how should i do it because they told me the paypal address would be my shipping address too…

  • So experimental that I'm losing out on some hard earned money ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS ONCE AGAIN… u're a life saver..

  • I try to create a entropay account with address in USA but after i create and add my fund source they block the account to check documents etc… so i send then the docs and they dont let me create the account with diferent addresses than the one that figures in my physical credit card!!!\r \nI have 2 account which i create a year ago, one is from argentina and the other from US, and i use the same fund source wich is the same than i put now!!!\r \nIs there any new policies or what? i don´t need to use a vcc with the same address than my cc, there is no paypal in my country wich is the main reason that i work with entropay since a year ago!\r \nDid you now something about it?

    • @Carlos:I think you can't have more than one Entropay account. If you have created due to country or travelling issues then you have to give real address proof. Different addresses are generally not accepted when you are creating Entropay account for different country. You need to get back to Entropay Support. This is all I know.

  • Ok, but i have already 2 accounts both with the same fund source!\r \none vcc with usa address and one with argentina address! both work ok.\r \nAnd the fund source has a paraguay address!

  • I sent then a mail asking to change the address to one in US and they told me that can not be done that because Entropay does not have credit cards in US. But i use his entropay card since a year and i put a us address and was working with a paypal US account! and the vcc still works I use it in Amazon a couple of days ago!\r \nthis is frustrating ๐Ÿ™

    • @Carlos:Yeah! I know it can be frustrating communicating with all to get your single work done. I think Entropay people are saying about Plastic Credit card they provide. I checked the website and their VCC is for almost every country including USA. So for sure they got confused and were talking about Plastic Card. In India also we don't get get it due to regulations but we can use VCC.

  • You deleted my comments. I don't know why… \r \nDelete it and i will get to know… huh

    • @Rahul:You are mistaken. Your comment and my answer to it is still there. You commented same thing twice (may be by mistake). Latter one had more things so kept it and removed duplicate one. I think at least that much is much choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hi ๐Ÿ™‚ I paid for a stuff from ebay last evening like you instructed above. The payment was successgul but the transaction is not shown on my entropay statement. I need to pay to some more stuffs today on ebay but I don't wanna go ahead without getting the statement. Has it occured to you before and how long will it take to show on my entropay card? How has been your experience?

    • @Lanu:Oh… You again ๐Ÿ™‚ \nIt takes 3-4 days to reflect complete transaction record in Entropay statements. First deducted amount will be shown after 12-24 hrs then after 2-3 days whole transaction. \nI advice you to make calculation by yourself and don't spend above what is remaining or you will get your card deactivated (or negative balances). Entropay will charge heavy fees (very high) to get back its money from you then. Don't do that. First fund if you think its not sufficient and then make transaction.

  • no no there is enuf balance in my VCC card but the transaction statement is missing. I checked my paypal account and it says transaction is completed…. just wanna make sure if its is really ok for me to buy the other stuffs ๐Ÿ™‚

  • They charged for currency exchange too. I click on 'Bill me in the currency listed on the seller’s invoice' since there was no option in dollars.. which one do you select?

    • @Lanu:That is correct but it is not necessary that Sellers invoice is always in USD. You have to make decision and calculation to avoid high charges. Sometimes it is totally impossible to avoid charges.

  • I got advised by entropay to pay using bank wire since i can't transfer funds in USD.

  • I am today Pay to entropay card and they charge me 1$ extra i just check the payment option on PayPal to transfer 1$ but when transfer is completed my Available Balance 18$ whats the problem bro?

    • @Manish:Entropay charges $1 loading fee. How they will give you it for free? \nPayPal charges when a transfer is done from Credit Card. It is no one's fault. Just their payment mechanisms. Also remember that it includes currency exchanges.

  • HI mate, I want to upload funds from Paypal to vcc so is there anyway i can do this ? I am in India but I have a USA paypal of my friend.\r \n\r \nThanks\r \nNizar

  • EntroPay charge $20 each time you'll create a VCC, right?\r \nNeteller should be then the best alternative, for VCC seller also ๐Ÿ˜›

  • I had uploaded $20 to entropay 2 days back. Today i thought a making a small payment at Bigfishgames. A game came at a great discount $2.99 only. i added entropay as u told(during the payment) and everything was cool. \r \n\r \nHere is what surprised me!!!\r \nThe game site charged in US$ and the account at entropay is also maintained in US$. Here is what happened.\r \n\r \nActivities that took place for this payment alone(paypal statement):\r \n>Payment To – Big Fish Games, Inc. – Completed – $2.99 USD\r \n>Currency Conversion (credit) To US Dollar – From Euro – Completed – $2.99 USD\r \n>Currency Conversion (debit) From Euro – To US Dollar – Completed – €2.25 EUR\r \n>Transfer From – Credit Card – Completed – €2.25 EUR\r \n\r \nNow the available to spend in entropay is: USD 15.88\r \nIt is supposed to be: 20 (-) 2.99 = 17.01\r \n\r \nUS$ 1.13 is gone! \r \n\r \n*Paypal and also BigFisgGames sent me receipt $2.99. I don't understand why the currency conversion took place. I know this is a damn small amount went missing.. but still i just wonder Paypal charges extra(s). Thought of adding this info to this blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Mrinal. Next time i will try to do the payment through the entropay without the paypal feature(i guess so). Thanks again for finding ur precious for other Indians. Cheers.

  • Hi Mrinal. \r \nHere is something more. Seems like it is the Entropay/Paypal. Paypal sent me email receipt $2.99. Under the receipt there is info.: \r \n\r \nFrom amount €2.25 EUR\r \nTo amount $2.99 USD\r \nExchange rate: 1 EUR = 1.32888USD\r \n\r \nWhy is this, when my paypal account and also the Entropay account is maintained in US$ and the BIgFishGames charged in US$ itself? Few days later i wants to make some 3 digits payment(s). Thanks Mrinal.

    • @loreal:Nowadays there conversions are going strange. Everyone is charging from their side. I think it is more about in which country the merchant bank account is rather than what currency they offer worldwide for purchase.

  • i just made yet another small transaction $2.95 with entropay card (This time without using the paypal, just gave the entropay info) \r \n\r \ni was charged the same amount $2.95 only and no extra charges. So, this makes it clearer that; entropay doesn't charges any extras but it is Paypal who charges extra fees during the transactions. Hope others benefit from this info. Thanks Mrinal.

  • How much time it will take to complete verification ?

    • @Rahul:What verification? When you pay directly it is bypassed as transaction is more important for PayPal. You can go for it if you want but then problems will start. Just do first transaction and it will there in your PP account for any further transactions. Warning again: This is not for verification. It is for adding.

  • HeY Mrinal,\r \n\r \nExcellent Job !!! You are Genius for Sure… \r \n\r \nSaw your guide to pay to EBay sellers through a PayPal account (Verified using the Bank Account) and then using VCC at the last stage of payment.\r \nI just need to ask one thing…\r \nCan I use my Friend's HDFC/ICICI Bank's Credit Card (with his permission) at the last stage of payment in place of VCC ??? This will help me in saving some money. I won't have to pay 5% to the EntroPay to load the VCC.\r \n\r \nRegards. \r \n\r \nP.S.- Happy New Year, 2012.


  • does the paypal confirms the credit card b,coz i followed ur steps and while transaction the paypal said u need to confirm the card before the transaction to take place and said that a four digit number will be sent to ur statement and after that u should enter the numbers to confirm ur card and do the necessary transactions. so please help me with this stuff

    • @Kunal:It never used to but they have changed its policy due to government and RBI restrictions. Which may have changed the way they work. Article is very old. I will find something new and will get back. \nDeduction is for confirmation. You will get it refunded. Look into your Entropay transactions or Credit Card statement to find this 4 digit code which can be used to validate the card at PayPal.

  • also the paypal deducted some money from my entropay card !!!!

  • hey friend\r \n\r \ncan i use entropay card without adding funds

  • paypal limit my account for using VCC.. Please tel me what to do?

  • Oh my god, it worked like a charm. Just bought items from using a entropay card. Was searching something like this for months. Thanks bro.

  • hi sir,\r \nI followed your steps and made a transactions too through my entropay. Now there is a entropay vcc in my payapl but now for another transaction paypal is asking me to add and varify my credit card. it is saying "This transaction exceeds your remaining Sending Limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit." So i am confused as i dont know what to do?. Can you please help? ….

    • @Abhijeet:That warning comes when you are not a verified paypal holder. Do it! Use your real Indian bank account to get verified. It is safe. Then your sending limits will be removed and you will be verified member.

  • Hello sir,\r \n thank you for your valuable reply. but i already have varified paypal account through my real bank account. but still paypal is asking me to varify my entropay. As i said i have followed all your steps and made a transaction too. but still i am getting this error massage. Is there any solution? Thank you.

    • @Abhijeet: I don't understand this. PayPal never asked me and no one reported this till now. May be your transaction amount is very high. Do one thing. Remove the card and logout from account. Then again go for purchasing and add card at that time. See if that works.

  • Hallo,\r \n\r \nIt's amazing how dedicated & up to date you keep with your blog, a rarity & wonder indeed =) How do you do it, and find the time? =)\r \nI was thinking of using entropay ( since a seller on Amazon told me that they wanted me to pay by credit card which I didn't have…and also because Amazon doesn't accept paypal… ) And your blog has re-assured me that your method of using entropay + paypal is definitely a good way for a Canadian like me to pay for things online, however, I don't buy online much, and paypal is usually an option, so I think this time I will just buy a visa/mastercard gift card. I stumbled upon entropay by accident, and then later came to this blog. Thanks for sharing this method with everyone, even I didn't know you could do this with paypal, and maybe I will use it in the future. I must say, keep up the good work , and I hope you have a good day sir. ^^

  • Hello sir,\r \n Really thank you for your valuable blog and help. It worked for me like a charm. Just wanted to tell you that (may be because of new policies as you said somewhere) my entropay is working after confirming my card. when i made my first transaction using this procedure, paypal just asking me to confirm that card is in my possession or not. And after confirming, its working like a charm. I have reloaded my card twice and used too. This all happened due your valuable blog and help. Thank you sir.

  • Hello Sir,\r \nI am from India.\r \nI want to make a transaction of $ 16, at a US merchant website it is showing two options one is credit card and other is PayPal. \r \nI have an Axis Bank account and a verified PayPal account ( In which I have already added my axis bank debit card).\r \n1st I tried to complete my transaction with credit by creating a virtual credit card at Axis Bank' s internet banking but my payment was declined.\r \nThen I tried with my PayPal account ( which is having my Axis Bank Debit card attached with it), but again my payment was declined.\r \nI contacted with PayPal, Axis Bank, and with merchant also nobody is able to resolve my query.\r \nCan you please help me in this issue.\r \nPlease also suggest me a way to make this payment.\r \nThanks.

  • Hello Mrinal.\r \nYour information is really valuable to us.\r \nI am having some doubts can you please clarify them.\r \nI have a verified paypal account and i want to buy internet stuff and services.\r \nBut i don't have a credit card.i have a debit card but as you know paypal doesn't accept indian debit cards.\r \nWhat should i do? \r \nIs using Entropay vcc for sending money and buying stuff using paypal is legal in both entropay and paypal TOS.?\r \n\r \nWhat is the limit of vcc spending in entropay and paypal.?\r \nSome say entropay is not legit is that true.?\r \n\r \nPlease help me its very urgent for me?\r \ni have been searching for the answer for a long time?\r \n\r \nRegards \r \nAll good luck to your blog

  • Hello mrinal thanks for the reply.\r \nI have a small doubt \r \nAs you know i don't have a credit card.i want to market my products\r \nCan i use entropay for facebook ads.???\r \nI heard that facebook is not accepting entropay vcc's is that true??? \r \n\r \nCan you please tell me\r \n\r \nRegards

    • @santosh: I think they never said it and you can try once. Other VCCs are dangerous but I experienced that Entropay gets accepted at most of the places. Still can't say of FB.

  • plzz help me i created a entro pay card of 15 euros and i have verified paypal account i stay in india …i wanna make transaction of 15 euros via paypal what should i do when i enter entropay card details in paypal it says enter another credit/debit card no. help me.!!

  • Hello mrinal,\r \nI recently tried to buy something using the method you mentioned above entropay.but when i tried to buy paypal says.\r \n""We notice that you are attempting to pay an Indian resident user. The payment you initiated has been blocked. PayPal only facilitates international payments and cannot be used for domestic payments within India. We suggest you find alternative methods to complete the payment. If you believe that the person you attempted to pay is not based in India, please contact PayPal customer support"".\r \n\r \nWhat does that mean.please help me\r \n\r \nRegards

  • Hi Mrinal, can we buy digital goods from Clickbank using entropay vcc linked to our debit card???

  • Bro ur method worked great but i am having 1 problem\r \n\r \nI created account in paypal , then verify it using bank account in India , then i added my maestro card in entropay and successfully added entropay VCC in paypal , I can send payments from paypal as well but \r \n\r \nTHE PROBLEM IS :\r \n\r \nafter sending 12-15 $ of money I get this msg saiying that "This transaction exceeds your remaining Sending Limit. Please link and confirm a debit or credit card to lift this limit." Since my account is verified so it displays "my sending limit is removed" also as u said I cannot verify my VCC in paypal , so what shud I do ? coz sending limit for 12-15 $ is very very low moreover i dont even know how much is my sending limit and when it will be remoed\r \n\r \nPls help

  • Followed the tutorial, but I keep getting this message:\r \n"We were unable to process your credit card registration at this time.We apologize for the inconvenience.Please try again at a later date."\r \n\r \nI've waited 24 hours from the last time when I tried to add it, but its the same.

  • hi all its 2nd november 2012 my paypal account was limited however i added entropay with 20 usd and verified my paypal account ( it takes 2 days at least for the verification code to be seen in your entropay statement ) but it works fine now… so don’t worry entropay works for paypal

  • dont u think entropay will charge you 6$ if ur account remains inactive my dea…nd u cant close ur account also they charge for tat too

    • @jithin kumar: Yes! Entropay charges for 6 months activity. But they send a notification of dormancy. You can load money to reset it or just do $1 or $2 transaction from current balance and it will be resetted. I hope this helps.

  • Hi Mrinal!
    I should say u are doing a very good work! Thanks!
    You have won my respect.
    Thanks Again! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have seen your information. It is very good and i have seen similar information about Entropay from many sites. I have only one question. If my entropay account is valid for only 1 day and i am paying only 5$ or something else and remaining money is suppose 15$ how to use them again. Is my entropay credit card number is changed or can i reactivate it again or can i withdraw from entropay to back to my bank account? I am very confuse about this term. Help me please to give information as possible as you can.

    • swapnil: When you have balance on a card which is near to expiry then it will be consumed I think. You will be assigned new card automatically and there is no need for reactivation etc. To save money you can transfer it to bank account but for that you need minimum of $20. So you can transfer more $20 to entropay and then back all $45 to Bank if timelines are not stringent as bank transfer may take up to 3-5 days.

  • Thanks friend. I agree with your reply.

  • if my PP account got limited and ask for the scanned copy of the physical card. How i give photo copy of my vcc

  • Hey,
    I have some amount in my entropay account in dollars. I want to transfer them to my Indian Bank account. It says i’ll be charged $15 per intermediary during the transfer. Is there a way to avoid this? Please help

  • i opened an account in entropay as netsafe is not working…..tho i have an account in paypal but i cant use it as they need pan card and i dont have pan or credit card….so from entropay directly i made a payment to a friend…hdfc blocked my card after that,,,,after calling cust care and many complains i still didnt get response..i changed password etc after 4 days i managed to make another payment,again they blocked my transaction…is this block cz am using paypal ? if i use entropay on other sites will they again block me? my bank has blocked my transactions for security reasons

    • @Zai: HDFC Debit card doesn’t allow payment via Paypal. Entropay used to work but now I am getting reports that it is not working. Standard Chartered still works with both.

  • Made an entropay card, added to Paypal but it didnt work when trying to send money ๐Ÿ™

    • Actually it did work after I added more money.\nThank you very much Mrinal for the post on how to add money from SBI maestro card.

  • please list some paypal accepting indian sites

  • Will it works with any visa card ?

  • Is this method useful uptill now? May i use this method to purchase a joomla template from a website these days. Please point me to do the same.

    • Hi Himanshu, as it is been very long, I can’t confirm it now. Someone needs to take the risk and test it as I did two years back. If you do try it, please let me know the result so, I can update this old article.\nRegards

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  • Has anyone tried using Auction Essistance for verified PayPal accounts?

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