Voila! I discovered one more new thing. I have found the way to add Entropay VCC to Google Checkout and use it without issues. I am quite experimenting nowadays. Frankly speaking it’s costing me money to experiment, but you know the necessity is something for which, sometimes we can go to any limits. This opens doors to possibilities and may help others.

In my last post, I detailed about how to get Entropay Virtual Credit Card (VCC) using SBI Maestro Debit Card. I got it and loaded it sometimes, so that experiment was totally successful.

Necessity is mother of Discovery or Inventions (whatever you like).


I needed to buy some Applications from Android Market, and I had only Entropay Virtual Visa (Credit) Card.


* Android Market uses Google Checkout, which only takes Credit Cards with valid address and
information. Debit cards and especially cards, which are Maestro are not allowed.
* Entropay VCC is a VISA but still problem was there as it doesn’t have address and other information.
I contacted Entropay but they said you can use it with any address. This wasn’t case as Google verifies
the address and declines the card.


There were some interesting things which I noticed. Hmmm…

1. It was giving me an error only with Postal Code and City/Region but not with Street Address line.
2. Google was still adding the card as there is no problem in Number or CVV. However, status remained as Declined. Reason: Postal Code wasn’t matching (may be).
3. It was very clear and a hunch that Google Checkout is checking the card’s origin not the address.


What I did? You want to know? Oh! Definitely you want to.

  1. I just went to Entropay website and copied their ‘Contact Us’ Address.
  2. Now, I added one more address to my PROFILE of Google Checkout as it was copied from Entropay.
    I didn’t make it default. It can be understood that you may be travelling. Logical and Legal!
  3. Add your card with Address copied from Entropay.
  4. Put your real Mobile Number and Name or it will be declined.
  5. Hit the ADD / SAVE. It will be accepted. Voila!

SNAPSHOTS (to prove and guide):

Copy Address From Here:

Add Secondary Address To Google Checkout:

Add Card and Details:

I also did transactions on Android Market. Congratulations! You can now, purchase anything using Google Checkout.


Remember if you are purchasing anything in Dollars (USD), then there will be no charges (I am quite sure as they never charged me extra). This applies to all countries and places.

However, if you are purchasing in INR (rupees) or any other currency than USD, heavy charges will be taken by Google and Entropay. Single App/Product of Euro 1 (64 INR) may cost you something 2.50 USD, in real. So, it is like around 65% surcharge as there is thrice conversion between Dollar, Euro and Rupees.

So, only use it when the transaction is in dollars. You won’t be charged extra. In emergency or need, you can go ahead with any currency keeping charges in mind.

Finally, do remember that who found the way, say Thanks and share the blog with all in need.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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