Change user.domain to user@domain

VitualMin is a nice web hosting panel which handles most of the things like Apache server, FTP users and Mail server. Once you are done with VirtualMin installation, the next step is adding a new server for your site and of course email IDs for the users.

Change user.domain to user@domain

Problem here is whenever you add user, the emails are created in normal ‘’ format but the login details and display are still in UNIX dot level i.e. ‘’. This is neither user friendly for people to login, nor looks good. So, question is how to change to This is pretty simple.

Note: This fix was tested on VirtualMin GPL running Ubuntu 14.04 x64 installed at RamNode server. However, the same options should be available under any VirtualMin version.

Login to your VirtualMin control panel from your browser.

Change to

Navigate to ‘Server Templates‘ from sidebar under ‘System Settings‘.

Sidebar –> System Setting –> Server Templates

VirtualMin Default Server Settings
VirtualMin Default Server Settings

Select ‘Default Template/Settings‘.

Then you will need to select ‘Mail for domain‘ from the dropdown list.

Virtualmin - Mail Template Setting
Virtualmin – Mail Template Setting

Find the option ‘Format for usernames that include domain‘. Click on dropdown and there are many formats to select from. Select the one which says ‘username@domain

Change to
Change to

Hit Save.

Now, restart the server for previous users to be changed. You can now add new user and you will notice that it is not ‘’ but ‘’. If for some reasons, it doesn’t work for previously added users after reboot, then you will need to delete the user (keep files and mail) and then add again.

Change login to
Changed dot to @


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