Some days back when the giant was taken down, no one thought of things going too bad. Biggest news have started coming even SOPA and PIPA are yet to come in action. Major file sharing services shutdown their sharing capabilities after seize and takedown of file sharing giant Megaupload. I had this idea and visualized it long back when Rapidshare stopped their RS points system, but this soon?  I never expected it to happen.

Megaupload founders and employees are now facing criminal charges put on them by FBI and other regulatory bodies. Properties, Bank accounts, Weapons, etc all are seized by Feds and governments.

Megaupload Seized by FBI

Reacting to this, trembling with fear; next major File sharing service; Filesonic – Without any official news or e-mail to members just shutdown their sharing services. Even deleted user accounts directly. Now, this is where it hurts and its readers. I was keeping all my files on Filesonic due to many benefits. None of the material was pirated and/or illegal. However, if you click any download link of mine you will get this:


Not to say more. Sorry! You will not be able to download for sometime from and I won’t be able to help much.

This was not enough then another giant came down. Fileserve! Fileserve closed its file sharing services. This message can be seen on its website;


Now this is sad. File sharing services either are going down or closing their file sharing services.

Every file sharing website which actually promoted this piracy indirectly are now becoming Personal Backup and Storage Sites. Wow! These are the websites which promoted piracy by giving money per downloads and affiliates. Business bloomed and bloomed; reached to devils door and their goes one of the loveliest thing which internet gave us – File Sharing!

I have around 10 GB of stuff on Filesonic which I can access but others can’t.

What to expect next?  Rapidshare? Megashares? Torrents? Peer Networks? While reading this have you visualized the profits and losses if this all continues? Here is fun part!


1. Highly cut-downed piracy. Major illegal material sharing services are going down. Today I think Megaupload, Filesonic and Fileshare holds around 40% of world’s pirated material on their servers.
2. Increased revenue to original authors, writers, movie makers, musicians etc.
3. House Full Theaters! Even for a movie like Expendables!!! Lol…
4.  Piles of junk off the internet. Less loads, enjoy your speeds, backups and restores.
5. Decreased Porn and Child Abuse. – This is really good!
6.  No fear of account suspensions by mistake when you don’t have anything illegal.

Even then, doesn’t sound good! Right? Worse yet to come. Keep reading.


1. Free File sharing! The biggest loss of internet community. I used to provide legal and non-pirated material via this website to help people. I used Filesonic for that! Now all in vain. You can’t even share a project file now.
2. Original and uprising artists. You have to search something else now.
3. Other trustworthy services like Dropbox, Box, iDrive, LiveDrive, aDrive, iBackup; blah.. blah… etc are costly. Even if someone finds it affordable; they will surely find it very limited. They don’t give much liberty in terms of sharing and space.
4. Cheap services are lousy, sneaky and even deletes user accounts. However, they will also increase their prices now if it all of this continues.
5. No more free movies, music, wallpapers etc in coming years (or may be months). Many will die just listening this.
6. Increased cost of entertainment for average peoples.
7. FBI making may be knocking on doors of Torrents and Peer sharing networks in some months. Last resort gone!
8. As an user and depending on your use of sharing; you can think of many.

I am against Piracy, Porn, and illegal material. However, still can’t deny the fact that it helped me sometime. What I am against of is taking off file sharing completely. That’s a loss! Heavy one.

I will try to switch all my downloads to either iDrive or Dropbox. However, 10 GB stuff takes time and you have to be little understanding person now. I will bring all of it back – for you; but today I am not in good mood.

Check the Updated List of File sharing websites and their Live-Dead Status Here.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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