MOHAA Invisible Weapon Texture Glitch Fix

So, I got Medal of Honor – Allied Assault from my friend and installed it to start some fighting. However, after installation I totally lost my nerve to see that none of the weapon is being rendered properly. Texture is always flowing like rainbows or completely invisible.

MOHAA Invisible Weapon Texture Glitch Fix


Fixing MOHAA Weapon Texture Issue

This was not all. Worst followed in multiplayer mode. Even the character were not rendered completely. Sometimes every one was nearly invisible, and at other times completely visible from meters away- even through walls and buildings. AI players were able to kill me most of the time due to this.

I decided to solve this for once and all. Hours spent and I got shocked to see that despite everyone mentioned it, nearly none got fix for it.

Finally, I was able to solve it. What I did is simple. No settings, no changes. I just changed one file and added one file. If you are having same issue then follow this fix.

1. Check for your .pk3 file. It is actually a weapon texture file located under “MOHAA/main” folder. You will need to check the file starting with ‘zzzzzz’ and ending with .pk3. It will be around 8-9 Mb. Just delete this file. Download flawless new one from here. Then copy it at same location.

2. Now second thing you will need to check for Voodo graphic file. Make sure that you have a file “voodoogl.dll” under MOHAA folder. If you don’t have it then just download this from here and put it at place.

Now go to config and set everything to high and restart the game it should work. Start a new game and be happy. If you have a previously saved game then just load it and save it again. Texture will be back.



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