entropay and standard chartered debit geekact

This guide show you how to fund Entropay Vcc with Standard Chartered Debit Card only. I am writing this after many requests from readers of previous guide on funding Entropay with SBI card; which is still very popular.

I tested this method with 3 different debit cards from Standard Chartered.  All of them were VISA debit Cards. I am sure that SC doesn’t offer any MasterCard or Maestro Debit Card; so there is less chance that you have anything different.

Basic steps are same as before. This time you can directly enter your real card details as it is. Entropay’s GUI and Interface has changed very much. It is lovely. I still recommend Entropay strongly as I am also an average person like you all. I also want value for my money and freedom to use it whenever and in whatever ways I want.

So, let’s start.

Some minimum requirements needed beforehand:

1. Entropay Free Account.

If you don’t have Entropay account then Get it here (Non-affiliated link). Fill Original Details only as you may need to submit documents or your account will be blocked. This company is a reputed one and they don’t tolerate frauds.

2. Standard Chartered Account with Debit Card.
3.  3D-secure activated on Standard Chartered Debit Card. Also know as Verified by VISA or VBV. You will need to check your country’s site as Standard Chartered bank has country specific sites. Activating 3D-secure will take hardly 5 minutes.

For Indians, I am giving a direct clean link.

4. Sufficient Money in Standard Chartered account. At least Rs. 1200 for $20 transaction.
5. Luck!


1. Login to your Entropay account. It will show your default card. If you created a new account you will be directed to Fund your card. If you are a new account registrant then you hardly can avoid this as it is mandatory to get activated. Other people can click on Top-up Card to get start with.

entropay and standard chartered debit geekact

2. Click on “Add new Payment Method” to add your debit card. Next screen will appear showing option for Credit or Debit card and Bank Account. Click on “Add Card”

entropay add sc card geekact

3. Fill on all the details. Use your real name even if your account is INSTANT USER or some Corporate card. Start Date is not mandatory but Expiry Date sure is.

4. Hit Add and you will be back to Funding screen. On rare occasion you may get one more screen asking for CVV. You must enter “3 digits” CVV present at back of your card.

5. On Funding Screen, Click on the amount to load. I am loading $50 but you can load as minimum as $20. You can also enter your customized amount but not less than $20.

vcc standard chartered debit card

5. Select a payment method from Dropdown menu. That would be your Standard Chartered Debit Card. Enter your 3 digits CVV number in the provided box.

6. Then hit Next.  A Review Screen will appear. Keep the currency as “USD” and check everything else. Click OK.

7. If your 3D-secure is activated properly and working then you will get Final Screen from your bank to authenticate the transaction. Check your Welcome Message if any and other details. Enter your 3d-secure password and Click on Submit.

8. Give some moments for transaction to take place. A final screen will pop-up showing that the Top-up was successful.

standard chartered 3d-secure entropay

This transaction may appear on your bank statement as Entropay Barclay London. So ‘Barclay’? No worry about it’s authenticity. Your money is safe.

If you are new registrant, you may get e-mail to produce documents in very beginning or after successful funding. This should include;

1. Driving License – Showing your ADDRESS
2. PAN Card (TAX card) or other Government ID showing that you are Indian Resident.
3. You Standard Chartered Debit Card: Scan or take camera shot of it and then in MS-Paint Hide middle numbers of card. Entropay needs starting 6 and Last 4 digits to verify identity. Hide the VCC code on back of your card completely. Your Name, bank’s name, Expiry date and card digits as told above should be visible. Hide any other info like Membership numbers to Innercircle, Payback program etc. They don’t need it.

Congratulations! You got yourself an Entropay Virtual Credit Card which can be used as several places where Indian Cards are restricted or not allowed.

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