Finally! You can try to get Virtual Credit Card (VCC) from Entropay using SBI Maestro Regular Debit Card. Why I prefer Entropay? They are a Trusted Name. No monthly, yearly charges. They provide, ‘Reloadable Cards’ with 1 Year Validity. Upto 10 Card can be created for a month. Indians were mad about getting VCC and disappointing SBI Cards. But last night, after struggling from last 2 weeks, I personally have finally found a work around to do this. YES! You can get and fund your Entropay VISA Virtual Card using SBI Debit Card.

Here is the proof that I did it.


UPDATE 09/July/2011:
1. Internet Banking account with Full Transaction Rights may not be needed for some to make this method work. Without Internet Banking, International Currency  Exchange may fail.
2. Loading VCC are reported successful in between 10 am to 6 pm (roughly) may be because of International Exchange Policies. (Credits: Paul. Thanks for info)
3. Remember to read How to Use Entropay Card with Your PayPal (for Indians also)
4. Please read this post where all questions are answered before asking. I wrote it to avoid same questions. (update 02-Aug-2011)

UPDATE 20-Nov-2011:
Even after everything is verified and done; Entropay is suspending accounts randomly without relevant and sensible reasons. This is totally random and now based on your luck. Many people never got suspended and still using it. Others got deactivated just after 2-3 transactions. If you have loaded money and your account get suspended; don’t worry about money you will get it back. This is a legit company. Those who got suspensions possibly did something from this list;
– Loaded very high amount
– Loaded amount many times in 2-3 days
– Kept loading many times even if its failing.
– Didn’t give vendor/merchant name when asked by Entropay
– Didn’t furnish enough and /or legit documents during verification.
– Used other peoples card. Card with only your name can be used.
– Tried selling the cards

If you don’t do any of above; there are chances that you will never get banned. Still; I don’t hold any responsibility for this as last decision is yours and I don’t give guarantee that this will work.

UPDATE: 02-DEC-2011:
Entropay people (one of the founder) contacted me and praised for this article. So; I think, question of this process being legit or not; is now answered. I have requested them not to suspend accounts for minor reasons.  Have fun people. Just don’t breach any terms etc and you shall not have any problems.

UPDATE: 02-DEC-2011:
This method is now hardly working. It works for some and never for others. Please don’t ask, Why it is not working. If you did everything (even troubleshooter) and not getting results; then it will never work for you

Coming back to process.

There are 3 tricks involved and totally Legal. So, do you want to know? Oh! Boy! I know you want it. Go on reading.

3 Tricks are needed for following 3 Problems with SBI cards;

  1. Making your card enabled for International Transaction and currency exchange.
  2. Expiry Date of Card.
  3. CVV Code for SBI Maestro.

So, let’s start. I am here to help.



First thing first, you will need to activate 3D Secure Code on your SBI Maestro and Internet Banking on your account. This is trick no.1. With this two, card automatically becomes activated for International Transaction including currency exchange.

Download SBI Internet Banking Form here. You will need to submit it to your Bank, asking for all transaction rights. It will take around 2-3 Days.

For activating 3D-Secure Code on SBI Maestro Debit cards, Go Here.

If you already have both of these or now got them activated, then proceed to Step 2.


Get your Free Entropay ID. Many of you may be already having this. You can register here. It’s totally Free. Entropay will ask for Funding Source. Put name of card. It is just like Nickname. Then put your Card number and Entropay will automatically identify the Card Type as Maestro. Cool! Right? Then, put Valid From Date as on Card.

TRICK 2: For Card Expiry Date, there is little Mathematics which I solved.  Just take ‘Valid From Date’ of your Maestro Card and ADD 5 Years and 8 Months to it. Exactly that much. For E.g. if your card date is 02/2010 then your Expiry date Output shall be 2010 + 5 =2015 and Month 02 + 08 =10. So, resultant date: 10/2015 <- Expiry Date for your Card. If it comes as present month then add 1 more year. Isn’t that Simple?


STEP 3 and TRICK 3:

CVV Code. This verification thing has troubled us from long as there is none on SBI Maestro Cards. Now, in CVV field just put LAST 3 Digits of your Card. Yes! Last Three only and hit next. Done!

Your New Funding Source will be added to Entropay.



At this moment, you may (I am saying MAY), receive e-mail that Entropay has limited your rights due to security concern. Don’t worry;  it is random security check and they do it for some people.  It has nothing to do what we did above. Lol!

They will ask for Verification Documents to be attached on their secured portal. Do it! They are very trusted guys and give response in just 1-2 Hours to every ticket. You will need scanned or Photoshot (By Cam) Copy of following (both Side);

  1. Driving License – Showing your ADDRESS
  2. PAN Card (TAX card) or other Government ID showing that you are Indian Resident.
  3. SBI Maestro Card. Scan or Camera shot of it and then in MS-Paint Hide middle numbers of card. Let only Starting 6 and Last 4 Digits be seen. This is for security Purpose. Hide the VCC code on back of your card. I know there is none. Just put Hiding sign there or official may reject the verification. They don’t understand that in India, banks don’t provide CVV for Maestro and they check for 3D-Secure Code not CVV for Maestro. So this is to make them believe.

FUNDING VCC: After verification, go and add USD 20.00 (Its minimum) to your Virtual Card. Entropay will ask for VCC code to continue. You know what you have to put, last 3 digits of your Maestro Card. At last Entropay will connect to SBI 3D-Secure for last validation. Put your password and hit ok. Transaction will happen smoothly as SBI will ask only for Name, Card Number, Valid From and 3D-Secure Code. It doesn’t bother anything about CVV or Expiry on Maestro.

You will get instant notification that USD 20 is added to your card. Congratz Mate!


Your bank statement will reflect Entropay, London and a slightly different deduction than actual. Mine showed Rs. 957 for USD 20.00. It will include 0.99 Entropay loading fee and Currency Exchange at SBI.


There are no further charges for using Entropay. No Monthly, No yearly nothing. They just take loading fee and it is RELOADABLE with 1 Year Validity. That’s the beauty of Entropay. So, it is much cheaper than having actual credit card.

Make Sure you Read Post:

All Question and Answers Regarding Entropay, PayPal and SBI. – Please read this before posting another question. I wrote it to save time. (Updated 02-Aug-2011)

How to Add your new Entropay Card to PayPal and use it Successfully.

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