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I know that you loved previous Glary Utilities Pro Givaeaway which was a Lifetime but a general license code. It was shared by many people and which causes an issue with support of the product. Also, many people like to have license with their own name. I know, I feel ya. I do.

So, I am bringing another Glary Utilities Pro offer. You can can get free Glary Utilites Pro Key right now which will is valid for 1 year after generating key. Don’t think, “Uh.. one year?”. Glarysoft the Developer of this product is known to give out extension to licenses and even converting an year to lifetime ones. This offer is applicable till 31st December only.

However, before going for it, see what this tool can do and what are the terms of this offering.

T&C for Free Glary Utilites Pro Key

  • It’s a full Pro license for version 5 of this software for Windows only.
  • You will get updates for an year with limited support.
  • After an year, only updates may stop (hardly happens with Glarysoft. Software will still work.
  • The key given is unique and belongs to your account.
  • Further updates, license is as per developer’s discretion.
  • The key has to be activated till 31st December 2017.

What Glary Utilities 5 Pro Can do for you

With over 112K+ Likes on Facebook and loyal customer base, Glary Utilities Pro comes with 20+ tools in one. Startup Manager, Registry repair, Disk Cleanup, Process Manager, Uninstall Manager, Centralized Update manager, Tracks eraser, Duplicate files finder, Memory optimizer etc. are to name a few.features glary utilites

You can also see the full set of features or what you can call as single level items for choosy people and single operations by opening Advanced Tools and then Detail mode.

So, there are many features which are found separately in different set of software. This is very convenient to have all in one place and tell you what? It all works.

If you are not tech savvy and don’t have time to go through each thing, then there is One-Click Maintenance feature. There are some default options selected but can be customized as per your need and saved. Don’t forget to Turn-On the Deep Clean feature which is only available to Pro users.

deep clean pro feature geekact

So, next time a Single click and you will see things flying. The reports and pre-action item list is quite detail. Oh, darn! I thought my PC is really in good condition. See, what it reported,

To ease things more out, this tool features “Scheduled Maintenance” also. Just activate from main screen.

I know this is all so tempting. Right? Let’s see how can you get it and activate it.

Steps to get Glary Utilities Pro Key and Download

1. First of all, go to webpage Glary Utilities Pro 1 year Giveaway.

2. Enter the details. Use actual/accessible email as a free account will be created and you will receive activation code in email. Download the software at given link in Step 5 of screenshot.

glarysoft 1 year giveaway

3. You will receive an email like below. Activating account is not mandatory. Only do it if you want all licenses in one place and have habit of misplacing keys.

4. Go to software’s main screen and click on “Free” icon at bottom and then enter your details an hit Activate.

glarysoft utilities free geekact

glary version pro

And, you are done. You will now have a full 1 Year license with upgrades. Enjoy! Say Thanks if you like it.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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