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Like me, if you also are in fun having team and testing many ROMS and apps from DEV’s, then there is chance that you have New Customized market created by DEV’s. This market is awesome in looks and surfing. High quality stuff and so is the problem.

This market is good for High end mobiles with big screens and good internet speed. On my X10 Mini Pro, with slower connection it takes ages sometime to open. Then I came to conclusion that this may look good but I love the old one due to simplicity and speed.

So guyz and gals, if you also love and need your old market back follow these steps.


1. Android 2.2+. This process will not work with Stock ROM or 2.1 Android. Reason? You don’t get new market without custom 2.2+ ROM. Will work with 2.2 and 2.3.5 custom ROMS (Tested)
2. Rooted phone. Of course you have else how you got Custom ROM or replaced System app (Old Market)? If not refer this.
3. Titanium backup or something else for backup. Take backup of 2 APK files: Market and Market updater.
4. Terminal Emulator. There are many free at market. Custom ROM users generally have it pre-installed.
5. Download  RAR File below. It contains 2 files which are official version of market. Unzip/Unrar them to your PC and transfer to SD CARD. Don’t Rename them. DOWNLOAD FILE.

Good to go…

There are 2 Methods to do it. One is SIMPLE and other is Little Tech Freaked like me. If you have crashing problems or need Easy Process then follow easy one. In case it doesn’t work then proceed to Little tough one as that will surely work. If you have 2.3+ then simple one will not work; go to second method.


If your apps and Titanium is crashing or you want a simple easy method to get your old market back than above then follow these steps:

* Use any file explorer and mount system as RW and delete file name ‘Vending.APK’ and ‘MarketUpdater.apk’ from /system/app/. You can also delete folders com.android.vending and com.android.vending.updater in /data/data.
*Do a reboot.

* Open File explorer/ Root Explorer and Mount your file system as RW and copy ‘updater.apk’ from above zip to /system/app/ and do a reboot.
* Now, mount your file system as RW from explorer and copy ‘market.apk’ from same zip file to /system/app/ and Reboot phone.

Congratz, you are done!

STEPS: (for techy people  & for whom the simple didn’t work)

First thing first, backup your Market and Market Updater APK files using Titanium Backup. Now, Uninstall these two files from your phone using Titanium Backup. Check menu, you will see market is gone. Alternative method to uninstall: If your Titanium crashes then use any file explorer and mount system as RW. Delete file name ‘Vending.APK’ along with ‘MarketUpdater.apk’ from /system/app/. This is alternate method to uninstall new market. Proceed ahead.

Copy above 2 files (from downloaded RAR) to root of your SD Card if not done already. (Here root means directly on SD Card and not in any folder). Restart the Phone. Simple portion is done.

Let’s move to a little difficult portion.

After phone starts and get stable, start the Terminal Emulator. We will install these 2 copied files as System App using it. Normally if you try to install Market, it will fail as it can’t be installed as regular User App.

First we will install Market Updater as System app. So, type the lines in Terminal Emulator ( shown in picture):
Precautions while typing:  Press ENTER after each line. No spelling mistakes. Look out for SPACES and “>” sign may give little problem. Use Soft Keyboard for a while (it can be activated in options of Terminal Emulator).

old market updater terminal emulator

After this your phone will reboot. Now, you have installed Updater, you just need to follow same step to install Market main file. So, go back again in Terminal Emulator and type this:


And… You are done. After your Phone restarts look into menu/app drawer; you will find your Old Official Market.

Just run in to confirm it. You may need to login again and do some settings as it is totally newly installed Market.


Q. It is not working for me
> Then uninstall, restart phone and restore your versions using Titanium Backup.
Q. I didn’t take backup and this one is not working. Now What? 🙁
> Not my problem. I told you, take backups. I can’t do much now. 🙁
Q. Why I can’t install it directly in regular way?
> Because, it is not supposed to be as User app and we will never let you  to do that.
Q. Terminal Emulator gives error after pressing enter?
> Spellings and Spaces. Very Vital and very tough to differentiate.
Q.  Are these 2 files safe? Not tampered by you?
> I don’t do such stuff. These files are official files taken backup at first start of phone. Contains nothing.
Q. I renamed those files and I can’t install them.
> In terminal emulator we use file name. If you changed it, then use names accordingly.

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