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In old days, it was very easy to use mobile phone’s internet on a pc. You just needed to connect phone to your pc; run some suite or dialer and connect to internet. After Androids came, you can say that this functionality was rather restricted due to many reasons. First your Android version and then Rooted phones etc.

The process to connect an android phone to PC or Laptop for connectivity is termed as Tethering. There are many apps available at Google Play (Market). However, very less people are able to make it work.

I am writing it after testing it on 3-4 Xperias and some Samsung phones. Some of these phones were rooted and some were not. But process worked out every time. I am not using any app for this as this process is much better.


  1. Android version 2.2 or above on your phone as the tethering option came from this version.
  2. Official or Custom ROM? Both worked out in test, so it doesn’t matter.
  3. Rooted or Unrooted? That now depends on luck. I had no problem in any.
  4. Configuration Files tetherxp.inf. Download.  Put it on Desktop.
  5. Ripped RNDIS drivers. Download. Extract to accessible location like Desktop.
  6. Windows XP or above. Windows 7 doesn’t need drivers. They are pre-installed in the system. But if process didn’t work try other drivers.
  7. USB cable.

There are 2 kinds of tether. USB tether and Wi-Fi tether. This article covers USB Tether.


  1. Turn off all Anti-virus and securities for some time.
  2. Connect USB cable to PC.
  3. On your android phone, go to Applications –> Switch on Unknown Sources. Then go to Development –> Switch on Android USB Debugging. You have to do it just for now. For connecting in future this is not needed.
  4. In Development settings last option “Host Name” should be with some kind of name. By default it is never blank. If it is, then punch in some name without spaces and special characters.
  5. Now connect your phone. I am assuming that you have already installed regular USB drivers etc.
  6. Now, go to ‘Wireless and Network’ option from Settings. Go in ‘Tethering and Portable Hotspot’ option. And Switch on “USB tether”.
  7. A prompt will flash on PC or laptop showing that a new hardware is detected.
  8. If you have Windows Vista or 7 then Use the first option and let system install drivers automatically. When it is done, you will see an icon on your taskbar showing a LAN/Ethernet connection.
  9. If you have Windows XP, then select last option (Not this time) on first dialog box; hit Next and then select Advanced Option (Manual Location) in next box; hit Next.
  10. Tick on “Manual Location option” and click browse. Give the location to RNDIS folder first as shown.

android usb tether drivers geekact


RNDIS android usb tether driver geekact11. Click Next. You will get 2 warning prompts that “Drivers are not Digitally Signed”. It’s all right. Just click “Continue Anyway” for both.

12. As soon as it is done, an icon for LAN/Ethernet will appear which will automatically try to connect to your android phone. It will say “Acquiring Network Address” for long before it connects.

13. When it is connected, you are done. Just open your browser and try to access some stuff. Make sure your PC internet is OFF and mobile internet is ON.

14. If in Windows Vista or 7, installation failed or it shows “Limited Connectivity” then follow point no. 2nd and 3rd in Troubleshooting Section at end. If in XP it isn’t connecting then don’t be sad. Go to Troubleshooting section.

limited connectivity usb tether geekact


Some time the connection will keep saying “Acquiring…” and will not connect to phone. If this happens with you then do this:

  1. Check whether your Computer’s LAN Adapter (Ethernet Adapter) isn’t Disabled or not installed properly. This sounds crazy but my problem was solved by just enabling the LAN adapter. All your modems and Adapters can be found here: Control Panel –> Network Connections.
  2. If still doesn’t work then you will need to reinstall this driver but in a little different way as below.
  3. Open RUN from Start Menu and type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter. Go down to Network Adapters list and Left Click RNDIS Adapter and Remove it. Now detach cable from phone and connect it back. Prompt will appear. Browse only to Desktop this time. We have kept ‘tetherxp.inf’ file here. Click next. It will reinstall. This time it will work.
  4. The Icon may vanish next time you use USB Tether. Go to Network Connections in Control Panel and open Properties of your RNDIS LAN connection adapter and Select ” Show Icon When Connected”.

Enjoy! Please don’t hesitate to post comments and queries.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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