ping website using command

Many times, when you try to open a website it just returns  ‘Cannot Display Page’ or a ‘Loading Time-out’. You may have faced a situation where many times a specific website can be opened on some other connection but not on yours. It necessarily doesn’t mean that the website you are trying to access is down i.e dead or not working just because you can’t load it.

There are many reasons why this happens. Problems can be from 2 sources: On your side or On Server side. When it’s on your side then it can be anything ranging from DNS zone changes, IP mis-configuration or issues, Internet Connectivity in terms of speed or quality of transmissions,  etc. So, in this case a website will be down for you only. Sometimes a Browser can be an issue which fails to respond to your request (may be due to connectivity). However, in that case no site will open.

When the issues are on server side (website) it will down for all. Most of the time it is true.

So to identify is it really down or its just your connection issue, we have to try connecting it from various server around the world and then look at the report. This is basically called as Pinging. Ping is a command or tool which tests the server availability or reachability on an Internet Protocol. In pinging you send packets and wait for response to get those packets back. Sounds Hi-Tech? Don’t worry, there are websites which do this for you and that too free.

I use following 4 websites mostly but there are many you can chose from;


Just go to any of these websites and put the URL (web address) which you want to check in the provided box. Hit Enter. This website will query the website using servers around the world and tell you the report that is it really down or the issue is on your side.

My Review? I have tested these sites when my site (this) was facing server issues and kept going online and offline.

I found, as the most reliable one. Simple, clean and fast. (10 Correct out of 10 Tests) gives great details about servers/countries but it gave me false results most of the time (7 Wrong out of 10).

just-ping is a great one and a beauty. Try it. It pings and shows result in real-time from across 50 servers/locations.(7 Correct out of 10)

Now, one more thing you can do is to PING a website from your computer to be definite from your side.

To do this;

Go to START >> Select RUN
Type cmd and hit enter to get into Command Prompt
Type  ping websitename  e.g. ping and Hit Enter

ping website using command

You will get real time data. Notice the Packet Loss and response from a website. If packet loss is more or there is a total loss then server is surely not responding. Response time is in milli-seconds so the lower is better.

So, you got your real answer.

Next time Lads.. and yes to all lasses also…

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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