It’s actually easy to add domain to VirtualMin and then add email accounts for users. This is done by creating new server. In this VirtualMin series, you have already learnt how to install VirtualMin on VPS. We have also seen that how you can change the User ID style from ‘’ to ‘’.

Add Domain in VirtualMin

Let’s move ahead with adding a new server which will be used to host your site and mail accounts.

From sidebar click on ‘Create Server

add website virtualmin
Create Virtual Server VirtualMin

On the create server screen, you will need to enter domain name to add domain VirtualMin. Next, you will need to enter username and password for this server.  Leave Admin username on automatic or enter a custom one. Enter a password for this user. Make sure you write it down, as VirtualMin uses same password for Email, Database and FTP.

You can click on dropdown to show Advanced Option. However, these options are best left out to their default values.

Advanced Options - Create Server - VirtualMin
Advanced Options – Create Server – VirtualMin

Next set of options are very important as you will be to select important services here. The presented options will depend on your type of Post-installation VirtualMin setup. E.g. If you selected PostregSQL then MySQL will not appear.

I have provided one liner explanations for each service with my humble recommendation (which advance users can turn a deaf ear to), so that you can select what’s good for you.

Add Website VirtualMin
Create new server options – VirtualMin
Difference in options based on VirtualMin Cofig
Difference in options based on VirtualMin Config
  • Setup DNS zone? – Remember about Name Server we talked about in VirtualMin Setup? If this option is selected then VirtualMin will complete all other NS as per Primary NS. These will include Mail NS, CNAME, WWW and A records. It is recommended to have this selected if you are setting up a website.
  • Setup website for domain? – This will create folder for your website which will include Public_html and other folders. It will also add Virtual host configurations to HTTPD or Apache config files. This needs to be on for a website.
  • Setup SSL website too? – This option will only appear if you have not switched off SSL from WebMin Config. If you plan to use HTTPS then you should select it. Regular users and bloggers can keep it off.
  • Setup IP-based virtual FTP? – First thing, this has nothing to do with your regular FTP. Even if you keep it off, your FTP account still will be created. This only creates a ProFTPd virtual server for domain/server. This feature is only needed if you want to provide name-based access to an anonymous FTP server. I don’t see why an average blogger and user will want to do that. Not secure! Don’t touch it.
  • Setup spam filtering? –  I simply can’t understand, why you will be willing to switch it off. May be you have small VPS of 128 MB?
  • Create Webmin login? – If you are running a single user server with only your websites then don’t create separate users for each server. It is only needed when users are handling their own domains and sites. E.g. Reselling of VPS.

Note: For an advanced and single administrator, WebMin is better choice but it involves lots of manual work to setup.

  • Accept mail for domain? – This is crucial as this will setup Email hosting settings. Mail server will be created and will align with Mail Name servers. Select it, to save lots of trouble later.
  • Setup Webalizer for web logs? – Webalizer is internal reporting tools which you can use to see traffic and usage of site. Generally it is generated every 24 hrs and are available at ~/public_html/stats. Also, automated mailing can be setup. Nice feature but claims some RAM.
  • Enable AWstats reporting? – This is also a web server traffic and usage reporting tool. Different package but same purpose. Why you need two reporting tools?
  • Create MySQL database? – WordPress?, Joomla?, Drupal? or any other dynamic content website? Then you will need this.
  • Create PostregSQL database? – Same thing as above but uses PostregSQL.
  • Allow Mailman mailing lists? – There was a time when people created mailing list on servers. Nowadays, there are many email marketing services for this. Deselect it

Further on, there is last set of option related to IP address and Forwarding. You don’t need to change anything here.

IP address and Forwarding

Hit Save/Create. VirtualMin will perform all tasks and create a server for your domain with FTP and Email account. If you followed me and all went well then you should see a similar screen as below,

add domain virtualmin
Virtual Server Created – VirtualMin

So, you are done. Don’t forget to subscribe and throw me your comments or criticism.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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