After switching to Authy from Google Authenticator, I never knew that I would experience actual happiness. During Lollipop update, my Moto G somehow managed to get crashed. I not only reset Authy account but also recovered accounts and token. The process is fairly simple.

Reset Authy


Mandatory requirement number 1 – email account registered with Authy.

Ummm… if you had this email account also under token in app then you need to have backup codes for that email. Means, you had to have access to that email anyhow.

Mandatory requirement number 2 – Authy backup password of tokens.

You will also need the backup password which you set up at previous Authy installation after verifying your number. If you don’t remember it then you can’t get your account tokens back. There is no other way. Sorry!

However, you can still use this guide to reset the Authy app registered with mobile number and delete those token accounts to start over.


First, install the Authy app from the source market/store depending on your phone. If you had multi-device enabled in settings last time, then you can login straight ahead or follow below steps. It doesn’t make much difference.

In my case, Multi-device wasn’t enabled so I got this error while adding phone,

Multi-device is disabled. To enable open Authy on your other device and go to Settings -> Devices.

Authy warns about Multi-device settings
Authy warns about Multi-device settings

Hmmm… How can you open Authy on other device when Multi-device was already disabled? May be its talking about the main device i.e. current phone which is already wiped out.

Now, using your computer or phone, go to this web address to remove already added device,

Enter the country code and mobile number which was registered with Authy. The next screen will notify you that a mail is sent to registered email account. Login to your mail account and click the reset link. You will see this if everything goes fine,

Authy Device Unlinked
Authy Device Unlinked

Try to login into app again with same device and this time you will be at screen to verify the mobile number. Go through the process and finish it either over Call or message (SMS),

Number reverification for relinking after reset
Number re-verification for relinking after reset

After verification and logging in, it may some time before all your accounts are shown back. Don’t get scared if it shows no accounts. It takes time to download back the encrypted data from server. When the sync is complete you may have something like this,

Encrypted Token Accounts in Authy
Encrypted Token Accounts in Authy

Kindly, don’t mind the image quality. Authy doesn’t let device to take screenshot of some of it’s screen, so I used camera from another phone.

Now, all you need to do is click any of the account and a pop-up will show asking you for backup password to decrypt the authy account.

Enter backup password to decrypt account
Enter backup password to decrypt account

Enter the password and press  ‘Decrypt account’. If yours is correct, then all account tokens will be unlocked and you will get access to everything.

All tokens restored as it is
All tokens restored as it is

You can also check the account settings and Authy ID also. Everything will be same as before,

Restored account info and Authy ID
Restored account info and Authy ID

I logged in to my every account to check that if all token are working properly or not. I had this issue of out of sync with Authenticator. But to my surprise, every code and account worked flawless! I am really in love with this app.

Questions, issues and comments are welcome, as always.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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