WordPress import is an important function which is very essential to import the demo data, backup data in XML formats. However, many people face weird WordPress import failures such as unresponsive screen, no demo data loaded or timeouts.

There can be several problems here. The most common two are discussed below.

Steps to fix WordPress Import Failure

DOMDocument, XML reader, XML writer PHP missing modules Issue

This is the most unnoticed and less known issue. Reason behind it is WordPress native import tool itself. Native XML import plugin doesn’t show any warning for missing PHP modules when it fails. Actually, it doesn’t show anything at all in most of the cases. Just a blank page.

This can only be noticed when using third party XML import plugins. If you see the notification for missing DOMDocument, XML reader, XML writer PHP modules then you will need to install these PHP modules.

On Shared hosting this should not happen as most of the host install this. If not then contact your provider.

If you are using VPS or Dedicated server, the login via SSH and pass on this commands to install the missing PHP modules and it’s dependencies,

yum install php-xml php-xmlrpc

You will need to see that it matches with your PHP version and adapt as per installed repos. E.g. On PHP 5.5 and above you may need to enter commands as follows,

yum install php55w-xml php55w-xmlrpc

Note: On Ubuntu systems, use apt-get install instead of yum install.

Restart the Apache or HTTPD service.

PHP Memory and Processing Limits Issue

If above didn’t solve your issue then you may like to check PHP limits.

On shared hosting this is a real problem. To avoid misuse, security breaches and other malicious activities; many hosting company limits the memory and processing time in global PHP.ini. In this case you will need to contact your hosting company.

Talking about VPS or dedicated server, you can easily fix this. Just edit your PHP.ini file and increase the following parameter,

memory_limit = M
max_input_time = xx
max_execution_time = xx
upload_max_filesize = xM

Then restart the Apache service.

Now go back and try to import the demo data or backups using WordPress XML import tool and there should be no import failure this time.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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