I showed in last post how to Unlock Idea Netsetter USB Modem (Huawei EG162G and others) totally free of cost and easily on your own. Stop paying those jerks which claims that they have develop the software and they charge for it. They are all leechers.

Now, issue with many people coming is that they say after unlocking they don’t have settings or don’t know what to do next to start internet using any SIM. Well, I can’t help for each and every settings as there are numerous Networks with 2G, 3G and regular GPRS services. This makes it tough to have all settings. However, I will show you how to create new profile using Vodafone settings to get your SIM card working and giving you access to internet.

First thing first. Settings! These are just access points which directs your SIM to Network’s Server for internet access.

Search for the settings on internet. This will be specific to your package and network provider. You can get it from their website. Best way is to put SIM card in your Cellphone and ask for settings using SMS codes or something. After you get settings just save them. Go back to your phone’s internet settings and find out something like “access points” or “GPRS accounts or profiles”. Note down all of them. You are good to go.

Open you Idea Netsetter Dialer Screen and go here:

My SIM is of Vodafone, so I got this settings from them. It will work in Maharashtra for sure but can’t say about other states.

Put any name for your provider. Then Select APN as Static and type “www” in the box below.
Dialing number must *99#. Refer the image for clear understanding.

Now, Save this Profile and you will see the list of profile like this:

You can also make any profile as default from this screen.

Now select the profile you want to use from Main Screen using Drop-down. This will be dependent on your SIM Card and connect.

Have fun…

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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