Nowadays, I am playing much around Custom ROMS 2.2 and 2.3 on my X10 Mini Pro (I will write tutorial for that soon). 3-4 days back when working around the apps and data in Titanium Backup, I noticed that my system ROM is left low than 30 MB.

For androids, it is said that you don’t need to worry about memory. It cleans itself automatically by stopping unused and inactive services when you are running some app which needs memory. Still, I wanted to do it as I was facing lags etc. Also, it is not acceptable to my mind. If same with you then keep reading.

Good news is you can increase this system ROM by converting some Apps from System to User; that too easily and safely.

Minimum Requirements:

1. You must be rooted. Lol! or you must not have been reading this. If you don’t have root. Refer this.
2. You must have Titanium Backup (latest is always good). Note: It is a paid app.
3. Take backup of all your Apps+Data.
4. No rights to Blame me. Lol!

If you ever have looked at  Overview Screen of Titanium Backup it shows you at least 3 types of Memory (this will depend upon software version and phone, it may show more also):

1. System ROM
2. Internal Memory
3. SD Card (Memory) Space.


System ROM consist of your ROM (firmware) with all Application which are of System Attributes. Means they either come pre-installed or are important so are in system area.

Internal Memory is place where you install your Application (aka User Apps). These are not vital to system and we install or uninstall them ( from Market or SD Cards) depending on need.

SD Card: This is place for all media and also data of apps many times. People who have and prefer Apps2SD; also install apps here to save space.

So, if you look at your Titanium Backup; system ROM may show low due to many applications in Stock or Custom ROM you have. Applications such as Gmail, Maps, Browsers, Certain Games, etc are very big in size and doesn’t need to be system apps to work.

To save your lots of space we will convert these System Apps to User Apps:

1. Go to Backup/Restore of your Titanium Backup
2. Scroll to the app which you want to make User App (like Gmail etc) then hold it for a second. A window like below will appear.


3. Now select option; “Convert to User Apps”. Wait for the notification and you are done.

If you have noticed your System Rom previously, then you will see it has increased. Voila!

Now, Apps2SD user can also move these apps to SD Card if they want to have more internal Memory.

Some Precautions:

1. Taking backup is your responsibility.
2. Don’t try to convert when you don’t know. Certain apps like Market, Camera, settings, phone dialer etc and other processes are need to be System Apps to work properly.
3. Do this procedure only for things which are available and you can install from Market. This is safe method if you follow this precaution.

Some things which I have converted:

1. Maps
2. Gmail
3. Google Voice and Search
4. Google Talk
5. Many others…

This way I have increased my System ROM from 30 MB to 69 MB. How much have you gained?

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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