This is freshly written post with updated files and clean procedure as previous methods weren’t working for many people and they got confused. Now it is working perfectly.

1. Ammend Zip file flashing using xRecovery, not working anymore.
2.  APK Installer Recovery not working anymore.
3. Support for xRecovery totally withdrawn.
4. 100% Working for X10 Mini Pro.  Tested!

Not interested in installing xRecovery? Want to install ROM’s cooked in CWM then you can directly make a clean install of ClockWorkMod following these steps. This step will definitely work for people who are facing these problems;
– failing in installing CWM using xRecovery as told in this POST
– failing in fresh install using APK or direct ZIP files.

Taking Backups is your responsibility, not mine. See this post for reliable backup methods which can be restored on any ROM without glicth.


You must be in Stock Android 2.1.

First of all I am assuming that you are device is already rooted. If it’s not follow this post.

Second thing, you must have busybox installed from the market. NOT from Titanium Backup or something. Go to market search  “busybox” and install it. It is just an installer so you will need to run it and install actual busybox using it or follow the short procedure in this post.

Please do a restart after installing BusyBox.
ALERT: If you have copied files first and then installed BusyBox from Market then you will need to re-write those 3 files again AFTER a restart.

One more thing you will need is a file manager (which can access Root). There are many to select Andro, Super Manager, Root Explorer, ES etc. Just make sure you give them Root access from settings in it (like in Super Manager).

Now, you are good to go. Follow the applicable steps below depending on your phone.

For X10 Mini Pro

Restart your device. I like to start fresh. Lol!

Download this file. Custom_CWM_Recovery_New. It contains 3 files which are: busybox, chargemon, and recovery.tar

Copy all these 3 files to your SD (Memory) Card from PC to Phone (using USB). Disconnect phone from PC.

Start File Manager on phone and navigate to location you have kept these files. Select 3 files i.e. chargemon, busybox, recovery.tar and Cut them for moving.

Now navigate to “/system”. This location is one folder back from root of your Memory (SD) card.

In /system you will find a folder called “/bin”. Paste/Move above 3 files in this bin. So your file location now is “/system/bin“.

Select these 3 files again and find an option called CHMOD or Permissions. You have to give “755” permissions to these files. Tick shown options:

You are done. 🙂

Restart your device and Press and release, Back Button 2-3 Times on very first Sony Ericsson Logo.

You will land in ClockWorkMod!

If still you are not getting into CWM, there’s one more thing you can do.

Download this file: SH File.  Copy this SH file (not zip) to your phone SD Card.

Now, go back to SD card and select this “SH file“. Copy this file to “/system/xbin” < — XBIN. Not bin or sbin.

Restart your device. Press and release, Back Button 2-3 Times on very first Sony Ericsson Logo. It should work.

If still not, Check troubleshooting at end

Now, for X10 Mini

RESTART? Good Idea!

Method 1: APK method is easy one! (X10 Mini Pro? Don’t try – Won’t Work.)

Download this APK file: CWM APK Installer

Run the above APK file. It is one click installer. Then open it and install CWM. Done!

Didn’t work? Didn’t for me either. Read ahead for 2nd method.

Method 2:

Download this file for yourself.

Zip File CWM for Mini

Extract the file on computer. You will get some file under folders “/system/bin and /system/xbin“.
Copy these files to root of your SD Card. Now, using Root Explorer on your Phone copy these files to “/system” of your phone.
Change the permissions to 755 (Chmod) for those files.

Still nothing? Check troubleshooting.

Let’s  Troubleshoot

For X10 Mini Pro:

1. Do a restart at each step.
2. Installed BusyBox from Market? Do that and then Do a Restart.
3. Copied those 3 files before  BusyBox install? Copy and overwrite 3 files again in /system/bin.
4. Not working? Start fresh. Use Sony Ericsson update to get a clean install. Then Root, then Busybox then 3 files.
5. Still nothing? It can’t be… you are joking, right?… Get some expert or ask me here.

For X10 Mini:

1. Try changing path as zip file. Means, put  /system/bin files into respective folder of your Phone and same with /system/xbin. CHMOD 755? Don’t Forget!
2. No? You can try above X10 Mini Pro method. Download that Zip, replace the chargemon file in it with yours (X10 Mini) zip.
3. Still Nothing??? I tried much. 🙁 Ask me or get an expert.

DISCLAIMER: If you lose your device, it’s because of your curiosity. These procedures worked 100% for 3-4 devices but I don’t take guarantee of yours.

Have Fun!

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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