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CyanoCream Sandwich is an Icecream (Android 4.0) Themed custom ROM by ‘’. This is very beautiful and fast ROM with new look, animations and great stability.

Only problem is the installation part. When you are installing it for first time; it needs little more than regular process.

However, once you get it working you will love it and with this guide it will surely work. Before proceeding please remember this is not Android 4.0. It is 2.3.7 with themed of Icecream having much stability than my previous MiniCM7Pro.

For Other Custom ROM installation on X10 Mini Pro; refer this article.

Take a look at some screen shots of this beautiful ROM;

cyanocream pictureCyanoCream Screenshot

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Let’s install this.

Prerequisite :
– Rooted Phone  (X10 Mini Pro)
– CWM Recovery Installed
– 2.1.1.A.0.6 Sony Ericsson Stock Firmware or Using any other  Custom ROM
– Baseband: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404015
– Stock or Custom Kernel

For Xperia Rooting & CWM Recovery installation refer these guides:

Download these files:

1. CyanoCream Sandwich v2.0
2. From same above page, you can also download Lite version of same ROM.

I will say go with Normal one if you are not worried about Lightness and can remove some apps by yourself later on. If you don’t want any of Google Apps pre-installed then go for Lite version.

3. Modules patch: From same above ROM page (Only for stock kernel) – Remember custom kernel is different thing from a custom ROM.
4. Hotfix1 & Hotfix2 (both needed only for  first installation and again, from same page)


Don’t mess or jumble them or this ROM will not work. This guide is for first time installers.

1. Backups – Contacts, Messages, Apps
2. Copy all 4 Files (1 ROM+2 Hotfix+1 Module) to SD card.
3. Reboot in CWM recovery and take current ROM’s backup
4. Now Select ‘Factory Data Reset/ Full wipe’ and then select ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ from Advanced menu.
5.  Come back to Main menu and select ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.
6.  Go to ‘Install Zip from SD Card’ and Install main ROM file.
7. When it is completed; again select ‘Factory Data Reset/Full Wipe’ and then ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’ from advanced.
8. Reboot. You will get a bootloop and phone will get stuck on SE white Logo.
9. Remove Battery directly and wait for around 20 seconds. Put battery back.
10.  Reboot and Press back button to get into recovery.
11. Select ‘Install Zip from SD card’ and install ‘Hotfix no.1’ this time.
12. After this install ‘Module zip file’ in the same way.
13. Once again, we have to do ‘Factory Data Reset/Full wipe’ and then ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’
14. Reboot. The ROM will start but it is still incomplete due to missing layouts.
15.  Now again for last time you need to boot into recovery.
16. Install ‘Hotfix no. 2’ and just Reboot.
17. You will get a screen which will ask about selection of setup etc. Just select 2nd option and you will get Google Setup screen. Don’t do anything. Skip out of it.
18. You will get another screen asking for Default launcher. I selected Zeam as it doesn’t need more theme file to give Icecream effect. Make it default and select it.
19. Now you will see that everything is same except Animations and Speed. Where is my bluish effect theme?
20. Go to Theme manager in menu and Reapply 1st – ICS theme. It will say that it is not supported. Don’t listen to it; it always lies. Lol. Select ‘Apply Anyway’.
21.  Great! You still there? Look

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