AppLocket is now available. This is new Cydia tweak which can lock all applications on your iOS device. Not to mention it works also on iPod, iPod Touch etc. You can also lock them so they can’t launch. Volume control keys are used well here and can be used to Lock/Unlock apps using predefined combination. This comes as very user friendly tweak.

Jailbroken, unlocked iOS device is must (same as all other Cydia apps). For Unlocking you can refer to this post. You can search for jailbreaking tutorials also.

Officially Unofficial Description:

AppLocket will allow you to select individual apps or every app top lock with either a password or a gesture. The default password is “alpine” (without quotes). Report any bugs to No spam please. I hope you enjoy this tweak
There are 11 ways of activating the app, and 6 display methods for the alerts. The main two activations are up twice and down once on the volume rocker (lock), and down twice and up once (unlocked).
If you find any bugs email me them, no spam please

By Mrinal Buddekar

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