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Corrupted people first took our money, then our faith, and now they are ready to take our freedom. We all know that these Courts and Police are nothing in India. Everything is governed by so called ‘Government’.

After a long lasting battle in between Google, Facebook etc with Indian court; finally government started to show that they can do whatever they want but don’t want it to be seen or published. Censorship and Piracy is just a cover. Indian Court ordered all major ISP (Internet Service Providers) to block access to 300+ sites (Country Level Ban).

People are saying that just because of 2 movies Dhammu (Tamil) and 3 (Telugu); government took this step. One more cover-up. They just want a reason to take our liberty. Anti-piracy cell and Cyber-crime divisions never came in role which is actually a standard procedure for pirated materials. Actions on piracy should have happened that way (as per norms) but then; when these people would have got better chance?

In between all these, arose some “Guy Fawkes” followers trying to start Vendetta in India. Identity so far known is ‘OpIndia’. They flanked messages to users in all over India to stand-up and protest. They did it by hacking ISP networks and flashing their messages. As said, blocking torrents, file sharing and networks are just a beginning. As the scene looks next target may be Facebook, Twitter, Google and anything which go against them. It means, China like situation and we will go into Stone Age forever.

Do we really need to stand-up? I personally think; India now really needs “V”. Do remember to watch movie “V for Vendetta” to understand the situation of our Country.

This is the list and link to page showing blocked sites in India till now. More to come for sure. (link to Complete list at end of article)

Idea: / .com / .org etc / .eu /.net
Btscene networks
Nearly all mp3 sites.

MTNL Delhi:

Reliance Communications :
Reliance is not answering anything till now. Mixed reports are there.  I think this was the ISP got hit first by OpIndia. I am searching for list.

Airtel Delhi: (was a useful site; really)

YOU Broadband:

Pacenet Mumbai
Major torrent sites.


ThePirateBay and some other file sharing sites.

Infotel ConnectBroadband

Aircel Edge/3G

Zylog Wi5

Screen shots of blocked sites on various ISPs:
PirateBay Network
Dailymotion and other

This is just a start. More will follow. For complete list of more than 300+ blocked sites (and counting); Go Here.

It is sad and shameful that rather solving poverty, high taxes, high prices, illiteracy, corruption, physical crimes and low medical facilities; government and court have priority for least damaging internet thingy to take care of.

I don’t have anything to say more. Comment here if you have something…

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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