OK! I am really sorry for not returning any of your mails. I am forced to write this guide as I am getting hit by 10-20 emails daily with same questions which I have answered. So, credit goes to all of you, my readers.

I have shown previously how to get a Entropay Virtual Credit Card using your SBI Maestro Debit Card. What if you want to use PayPal and RBI have blocked PayPal payments and purchase. Well! You can add Entropay Cards for payments via PayPal. Totally Legal.

This is not the process to Verify your PayPal. It is for making Payments and Adding Entropay Card to PayPal for future use. Don’t try it for verification. Your account may get suspended and I am responsible then.


1. You MUST have Verified PayPal account by some other means like Bank Account, Cards etc. For Indians; Bank Accounts is easy one.
2. I am considering that you already have a working Entropay Card which you have loaded with funds. If not follow above link.
3. You have to purchase something for making this method work. So, come back when you have to purchase something using PayPal or read just for knowledge. It is easy.


Login to your Entropay and keep ready the main page which shows your VCC details.

Now, simply go to purchase something on internet for which you want to use PayPal. Make sure you have enough balance on your Entropay including Currency conversions.

After you select Pay with PayPal, you will taken to PayPal site and asked to Login to PayPal or create new account.
Login to your account but don’t make any payments.

If you can see there is an option below to Add a Credit Card to your  PayPal. Select that.

From Entropay site, fill in all Card Details at PayPal site. Keep address and all other details as your PayPal account. Don’t change them. Submit it! It will go through a small check and will be added.

Optional: You can change a small option below which tells PayPal to charge your Card in various currency. Saves some bucks if used wisely.

Pay! It will work. Now, you have card in your PayPal forever which wasn’t cross-checked and which will never be. Unless you click to verify it in PayPal (That will be stupid).

It only returns with error only in condition with low balance. 100% Tested and many times. 🙂


Now, Regular Questions… So, I get some less emails. 😛

1. This procedure is legal?
> 100%

2. I heard RBI stopped PayPal for Indians as payment options?
> You heard incomplete. RBI said about any money received in PayPal can’t be used for any purchases and need to be transferred  to respective Bank Account. Credit Cards can be still used to make payments. Legal!

3. Can I pay for anything like web hosting, domains, musics also?
> Yes! Didn’t check for iTunes and BlackBerry. You try and report. Credits will be given.

4. What is difference between this method and one we add from inside of PayPal?
> Fraud Check by deduction of $1.99 where Entropay returns error. Here there will be no check as they are concerned about payment. This is the main trick.

5. Verification of PayPal Failed and my Card is blocked to be use on PayPal?
> Read the BOLD QUOTED text in starting of post.

6. Hey! I need your contact.
> Not possible, use comment or contact me form.

7. No screenshots this time?
>I am writing it in tight schedule. Consider making some and sending to me. I will add.

8. Do this for me or assist me personally.
> I am not on your  payroll. Consider donating then I may do this for you.

9. It returns an error during pay after addition 🙁
> Cancel any currency conversion after adding card (its just small option below). Make sure you have enough balance in Entropay card.

10. You help lots of people through your blog and write wonderful. What can I do to help?
> Consider donating. Server costs are high.

11. Your method doesn’t work. Booo–hoooo–nooo
> I never said it will work for all but for majority it will. Recheck whole procedure and stop acting like kids.

12. Some VCC sellers are saying it is risky method?
> I am getting many non-sense comments and mail. How I grounded them? Read Here

For more questions and answers read this post:

All Questions and Answer regarding Entropay, PayPal and SBI. I wrote it to avoid same things in comments. (update 02-Aug-2011)


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