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Being an action and strategy game lover, racing games never entice me. However, NFS Most Wanted is one of the racing games which actually impressed me. I wanted to play it over Wireless LAN with my friends and brother. That is where the problem started. I kept facing the famous ‘Connection Lost to LAN server’ issue. Moreover, to make condition worse, I had one system running on XP SP3 and other on Windows 7 Ultimate.

Many people said to use Tunngle or VPN software, which I didn’t want to; due to my nature of not using software for a work which can be done manually.

Finally, I was able to solve this issue and play game smoothly. Follow the below steps, if you are facing the same LAN issues.

I am hoping that you have connected two or more systems using Wireless LAN via AdHoc Network. It is sort of a Wireless Hotspot created by one system and joined by others.

Once connected, you will need to configure the IP addresses, Subnet Masks and Gateways of Wifi adapter.

Open your Wifi adapter settings. Then select TCP/IP settings and click Properties.

NFS WLAN Setting

Now configure the IP address of this system manually to any valid IP. Avoid using Router IPs like 198.162.x.x or IPs ending with ‘1’ like x.x.x.1. You can set the same one as shown here.

nfs wlan settings geekact

Then set the Subnet Mask and Default Gateway as shown. For fewer headaches, enter Subnet as ‘’. Default gateway should be different from IP address of this and any other system. Preferred DNS should be equal to this system’s IP address as shown above.

Select Advanced and make sure that IP Settings and DNS are all ok as entered above. Click on WINS and remove any address entered. Also, make sure that you have Default selected as shown.

nfs most wanted lan

nfs mw wlan DNS setting

nfs wifi WINS settings

Next step is to download and put this file Server.cfg file into your game directory. Edit this file to match settings with your system like;

Replace with TRUST=
Replace TRUST_MATCH=%%bind("") with TRUST_MATCH=%%bind("YourSystemIP")
Replace #ADDR=%%bind("") with ADDR=%%bind("YourSystemIP")


Save and close it.

Now you have to repeat all these steps on all of your other systems. However, make sure their adapter IP address should be different. I will try to put it simply.

System 1: IP –> IP_A, Subnet Mask –> IP_B, Preferred DNS –> IP_A

System 2: IP –> IP_C, Subnet Mask –> IP_B, Preferred DNS –> IP_C

System 3: IP –> IP_D, Subnet Mask –> IP_B, Preferred DNS –> IP_D    and so on….

Only Subnet Mask will stay same. All other will be new IP dependent.

Remember that you have to replace and edit Server.cfg for every system. Only two sections ‘YourSystemIP’ will change in each file depending on system IP.

Finally, download this Registry patch and apply it for every system.

Start the game and enjoy the LAN play with other players.


If you are still unable to connect and/or view game servers started by other player then try out the following.

1. Add exception of Speed.exe to firewalls. XP or Win 7 Native firewall and antivirus firewalls also.

2. Disable Firewall completely on all systems. Restart the game. I found that only turning off the antivirus firewall is not enough. Many times the OS native firewall also needs to stopped (from Control Panel).

3. Try starting the server with XP system first. This works most of the time. LAN servers created by Windows 7 and above are not searchable by XP but vice-versa works.

4. If you are connected to internet on any of the system the LAN play in NFSWM will not work. Little weird but this was the case on my Win 7 system.

I hope you got it working. If there is anything else you want to ask or share then you can leave the comments.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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