Racer 8 at Steam

Indiegala is running one more Racer 8 key giveaway of Racer 8. The people who missed it can get free steam keys of the game this time.

From the steam page:

Racer 8 is the ultimate Rally inspired puzzle game that will have players revving their engines or leave them running on fumes! A mixture of asset management, time trial and puzzle game, Racer 8 plays on several different mechanics to keep players’ heads constantly spinning.

Navigate your car, which is constantly in motion while rotate the square tiles on the map grid in order to form a track for your car to follow, through a series of checkpoints and ultimately across the finish line.

If you want it then just visit this Free2Play page Indiegala.com. Scroll down a bit until you see the following email box,

Enter email to get Racer 8 Free Steam Key
Enter email to get Racer 8 Free Steam Key

Enter your email to get your key. Please note that you will also subscribe to Indiegala news and promotions. You will receive activation link in your email. You will need to register if not done. The key will be available in your profile page at link Bundles Library –> IndieGala Giveaways.

Get your key before the giveaway is over.

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