So, just for prologue from this article; my friend installed and this is what happened,

1. He installed the Secure Gallery (Pic/Video) android app and then locked a folder full of pics.
2. Then he put on a PIN needed to unlock this folder. Wow…
3. Then activated the hidden mode which needed to dial something like #0000 from dialer.

After this, the app failed to load and become inaccessible when my friend rebooted the phone. It came to me and asked me to recover the data and guess what? I successfully did it. So, here is how you can also recover your data lost due to Secure Gallery (Pic/Video)  locking android app.

This method will work even if you can’t access the app or uninstalled it. Only thing required is ‘.smartgalleryfree‘ folder which contains all your locked files. So. I hope you didn’t delete it.

Connect your mobile to PC / laptop. Navigate to your SD card and find the folder ‘.smartgalleryfree‘. This folder can’t be seen using mobile’s file explorer unless you have chosen to show file and folders starting with dot ‘.’

Copy the .smartgalleryfree to your PC or laptop
Copy the .smartgalleryfree to your PC or laptop

You can copy this folder to your desktop or any place easily accessible. To keep it easy for everyone, let’s copy this folder to ‘D drive (D:)‘ of your computer. Now rename this folder and remove the dot from folder name. You will see many files in an unknown format.

Unknown files in the folder
Unknown files in the folder

Next, click on Start and select Run. Type ‘cmd‘ and press enter to fire-up the old DOS prompt.

If you are using Windows 7, you can select search and type ‘Command’ to bring up command prompt icon and then click that.

Navigate to above drive,


and then to your data folder by typing

cd d:\smartgalleryfree

Now, type command to rename the pics and press enter,

rename *jpg *.jpeg

Other files which are left out can be recovered based on extension.

Like for video, you will need to rename depending on extension,

rename *mov *.mov


rename *vob *.vob

If you have png format file then,

rename *png *.png
Rcovered data from Secure Gallery app
Commands and recovered data from Secure Gallery app

Voila! All your lost data is here. Go ahead and check it.

You can also rename files using GUI software or from android phone itself, but I like older ways.

Final verdict! There was no actual security. What Secure Gallery android app does is just renaming the file and moving  everything to different folder. Anyone can just copy your folder and rename the files to get access to your pictures and videos. So, I am still maintaining my stand that Secure Gallery app is an useless and completely non-secure application to rely on.

Comments and issues are welcome.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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