Root Xperia via flashing

As Sony Ericsson released Gingerbread 2.3.3 for X10a & X10i, users lost the root after update. SE made it tough to root this phone with update to Android 2.3.3, Baseband 2.1.71 & Build 3.0.1.G.0.75. Older tools are not working now. So DEV’s have modified FlashTool to Root this beauty. I tested it and found it working. However, this process is little complicated than the earlier one.

This method shall work on all Branded/Regional or Generic 2.3.3 GB Firmwares. Only requirement is same ‘kernel.sin’ file which will remain same for all 3.0.1.G.0.75 FW; if you haven’t played with your X10a/X10i firmware.

Let’s see how I did it.


1. SEUS or PC Companion installed on your system (for drivers)
2. Phone must be on Stock SE 2.3.3 firmware OR custom 2.3.3 ROM
3.  Modified Flashtool Package by DooMLoRD. It also contains 2 Firmwares which will be needed in process.
Download it Here and then extract it in folder wherever you want (from where you can run it)
4. Phone must be on USB Debugging mode ‘ON’ , Stay Awake ‘ON’ and Install App from Other sources ‘ON’
5. USB cables, your Phone and Human or similar. Lol.


1. Pause/Stop Antivirus for this procedure.
2. Recharge your phone to full. If it dies in middle then you are really F’d…
3. This method involves Kernel Downgrade and again Upgrade by means of flashing as other Rooting way is not possible.
4. DON’T CLOSE FLASHTOOL, UNTIL END. You will spoil memory hold feature if you do so.
5. Connect and Disconnect phone when and as told. Always be Alert & Quick when I ask you to.
6. Check: You are on Stock 2.3.3
7. Check your settings: USB Debug ‘ON’, Stay Awake ‘ON’ and Install Other Sources ‘ON’.


I have added some pictures with very detailed guide. Pictures are from DooMLoRD and XDA. I have not made any, as these are already perfect and well illustrated.

Let’s Start;

I hope you have downloaded above FlashTool and extracted to a folder.

1. Switch OFF your Phone (after making settings correct as per Caution no. 7). DON’T CONNECT PHONE NOW.

2. Just launch FlashTool by clicking X10 Flasher.exe file. Select ‘FLASH’. A dialog box will open.

3. Select “aZuZu Kernel Downgrade” from the list and on other side selection should be “Loader”. Press OK

Root Xperia via flashing

4. Now some codes will run and info box will appear asking you to do 4 actions.  Don’t bother about first 2 actions as we have already done it.

5. PRESS and HOLD “Back Key” and now Connect USB Cable.

6. As soon as you will connect cable, it will start to flash the firmware (don’t worry soldier, just routine)

rooting xperia

7. Wait till flashing is done. DON’T CLOSE FLASHTOOL; PLEASE!!! And don’t follow those instruction said. Proceed ahead.

TWO VERY IMPORTANT STEPS coming ahead. You need to be very quick in those.

9. 1st IMPORTANT STEP: Be ready with cable. Be ready to be real quick. Switch ON phone. You will feel small Vibration. Quickly connect the Cable back.

10. 2nd IMPORTANT Step: Device will start but get stuck on SE Logo. Don’t panic and focus on the FlashTool on your computer screen. Keep your cursor ready near faded ROOT Button. Click it quickly, as soon as it appears.

11.  Flashtool will start Rooting your X10. When it is done, your phone will restart. Switch it OFF. Disconnect the cable. If your phone doesn’t restart which happens most cases, then remove the Battery directly. After this disconnect cable.

12.  Keep battery out for 10-15 seconds and insert it back. DON’T SWITCH ON THE PHONE.

13.  Now in FlashTool select FLASH. In dialog box select; “aZuZu Kernel Upgrade” and “Loader” on other side. Press OK.


14. FlashTool will ask you to connect USB Cable like before. PRESS & HOLD Back button and connect the USB.

15. FlashTool will start flashing your X10 again.

16. When all done, disconnect cable and restart the phone. You must be rooted now and have SuperUser icon in menu.

Huuff… Finally done! Comment, if you have queries, I will answer 🙂

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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