Honor 3C might be an old device but as Huawei didn’t provide an update after 4.4.2, people started to go for custom ROMs. This essentially needs to unlock bootloader and root Honor 3C. Recently, I rolled back to stock version B108, then B115 and finally to B320 for 4.4.2. Due to this phone got unrooted and locked; so, I needed to root it again.

root Honor 3C

You don’t need to go through iRoot/VRoot etc as other guides on internet says to root Honor 3C. The process in this article is least painful. All you need is your charged phone, an app and USB cable (just to transfer the app. Use mobile browser to download, if you don’t have PC)


1. Honor 3C. Stock version B108 to B320 all works with this guide. I have not tested B661.

2. KingRoot app. This app is usually installed by iRoot (formerly VRoot). However, I noticed that it can be directly used without need of iRoot and PC. I made a backup of this app and provided download here. It is an untouched and unmodified copy of version 4.9.3.

3. USB cable to transfer this KingRoot app. Computer is only needed to download and transfer this app. If you are on mobile browser, then you can directly download and install it.

4. Internet is required for KingRoot to work.

Method to root Honor 3C

1. Firs thing first. Take backup of all your data. This rooting method doesn’t destroy data or format phone; but you never know. Also, make sure that your phone is at least 50% charged. A phone which dies in middle of flashing etc. may result in Hard brick phone.

2. Transfer the above King Root app to your SD card using USB cable and install it. You can also use mobile browser and visit this guide if you don’t have cable or computer.

kingroot honor 3c

5. On your phone, activate Developer Options by clicking on Build Number 6-7 times. You can get to this option from Settings -> About Phone -> Build number.

6. Next, navigate to USB debugging. You can do this by opening Settings and then navigating to Developer Options which will be third from bottom in most cases. Activate USB Debugging and chose OK on prompt.

honor 3c usb debugging

7. Now open KingRoot app and let it identify your phone. You might see something like this.

kingroot app honor 3c

8.Hit “Try to Root” to start the process. Once the process reaches near to 20% the phone will stop responding and will reboot. There is nothing to worry. After reboot just unlock your screen and the app will resume the process of rooting.

restart root process honor 3c

9. Once the process finish the app will show you a regular screen like this one.

rooting done

Congrats! You now have root on Honor 3C. Verify, it using app which needs root. You can also install SuperSu from Google Play and update the binary if you don’t want to use KingRoot as your root permission manager.


1. After reboot KingRoot doesn’t resume the operation.

-> Check on your phone if any app is asking for permissions. You also should check Notification drawer by pulling it down. Also, try launching KingRoot app.

2. I didn’t get permission notifications.

-> It is important to keep screen on and keep eye on KingRoot. Retry the process and try to keep screen alive.

3. Nothing is working. I just can’t root Honor 3C using this guide.

-> You can try other methods like Custom recovery flashing and using SuperSU or iRoot. Search at XDA forums.

For anything, just comment. One comment and one share is enough to say thanks.

By Mrinal Buddekar

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