Recently some greedy people started to post comments on my post Get Entropay Card using SBI Maestro Debit Card and this post Pay by Entropay VCC using it in PayPal. They are saying so much bullshit and trying to prove that this will be a problem in future.

Today I received a comment from a person called ‘Mayur’ who is actually some rao (as per gmail ID). He is saying that this is risky method and he know safe methods. He gave e-mail ID to contact. These are some of the really shit things I am getting in comments (I answered all of them in this same post);

– This is not legal process.
– This is hard process
– This will get your SBI account banned.
– Entropay is not trustable
– We know safe method, contact us on this and that & We know it for Indians
– This method doesn’t work
– This VCC will be rejected
– This person doesn’t publish my comment because he is not clean
– We will destroy your blog. We will hack it blah blah…
– Join us. Promote us! We will give you cut!
– Annoying one: This person forces heavy donations.

What I did? I called my cyber expert friend, SBI bank and Entropay (I have good contacts.). This is what I found;

– Method is legal as long as done from own card
– SBI don’t have problem if you pay using 3d-secure code even for International Transaction. In fact they started giving out Classic VISA cards now with CVV for International transactions. It is lovely card. They don’t ban accounts.
– Entropay is working in this field from years. At least more than the age of all such a**h*les. Entropay doesn’t have problem if you are legit user with your own card.
– Card by Entropay are registered, have legal and actual presence because they also give Physical Card for the same VCC you have in account.  They stopped in India though (RBI).
–  Cards given by these low class people are system generated. They are like faking or fooling the system. Don’t fall for it.
– This method surely works and comments are proof. And this not only for Indians, it is working for anyone. Wait! I wrote that post in Chinese or what? Sometimes, it doesn’t work for some people. There can be many reasons like your Branch restrictions, your account policies, different states etc. No one have control over these things.
– I agree about process being little hard. But, pain is gain. You want to give such leechers $15 extra for $20 or save it Your choice. But once done, you are all go for life.
– VCC rejection is subject to merchant. If a merchant denies Entropay Legit Cards. There is no chance that illegal one provided by you will be accepted. Read more here.

– And why should I publish your Spam comments, filled all with only Marketing thing and disrespecting me and my blog? Don’t be MORE stupid next time to post comments on my blog with your mail ID and marketing. I get your IP addresses.

– I am not clean person? Really? And what made me dirty? I have left my two jobs for Ethics and Right things in life. You have such guts?

– Keep your filthy money with you. I am not promoting anyone here. At least not cheap persons like you. I am not gonna make my readers suffer and mislead them.

– Destroy? Hack? Really? I wanna see. Are you even a 5th Grade Pass? Lol. I have been in all these hacking, Reverse coding, Hardware since long. I have many friends across the world (expert in these fields). Try it. Last person who did is still suffering (this is not fake story like you).

– I force Donations? Really? Do you even understand the word – Donation? Please… I am a doctor and Clinical Research Professional. I have self-respect for myself. Donations are my readers choice and heart.

So, what all these peoples want?

– Their business is affected. Can’t all of you, my friends see that? Huh? They charge heavily. For $10 VCC they ask anywhere between $15-$25. Why you must give them your hard earned money?
– They never made anything. Such people like ‘Rao/Mayur or AjayDon, or VCC trader’ don’t have even talent or guts to tell their real name.  They just either stole the system of generating VCC or got it when they were lucky.
– You know what people call such people who sells free things which they got hands on (by luck) – Leechers. Same example we see everyday in Laptop unlocking, Mobile unlocking etc.
– Their  system is less legit and very dangerous
– Do such people provide Customer Support? Card reloading at just 99 cents? Personal Accounts? Security features? Money transfer bank to accounts? No!

I am not promoting or in anyway affiliated to Entropay. If you notice, Entropay doesn’t provide any referral or affiliate program. In short I want to say, I am just helping you my friends and keeping you out of such leeching, no talent, bloody marketers who only see profit and even can leech their own people and family for money.

Friends, stay away from such peoples and if you have more questions regarding Entropay, paypal or SBI then refer this post. Sorry for my words in this post but I am real angry right now. To my readers what you all think about all of this?

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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