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I got an invitation from Google to explore and try upcoming new Google Maps. I tested and reviewed it. It’s so amazing that you can’t stop experimenting. Not all may have got this beta opportunity, so let’s take a sneak peak on completely stunning, productive and new Google maps.

Note: Images may take some seconds to load.

Searching is easy!

As per Google, it should be easy to find answers and things without getting confused, mislead or phished. New Maps just speak that when comes to finding. Search bar is placed on left-top corner and you get your results right on the map. I just searched for “pizza Pune” and you can see what the G Map did for me. You can even click them to get more details.

new google maps geekact

One Click Reveals It All!

I went ahead and clicked one of my favorite pizza restaurant. Address, direction, website, contact, business hours and reviews – you name it! All at one place and now I don’t need to open some other shitty website to dig details. Isn’t that time saving and authentic?

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See and Explore the World as You Want to!

Exploring places is much more exciting and beautiful. You can almost kill some hours if you want to see the world without leaving your chair. New Google Maps feature enhanced Street view, 3D view, 45 degree view and new a Carousel imagery slider. Slider shows all photos discovered by Google for a location you are exploring.

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Now Photos Tell Their Location Too

If you are using Carousel slider present at bottom of maps then you can just hover your mouse to see that where that location is. This comes handy in finding things fast.

(I will talk about the warning appearing on top of screen at end.)

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Enhanced Directions with Live Traffic suggesting multiple possibilities

Not only directions are enhanced but now Maps will also show you better Traffic situations. Breakage of various traffic stats is now very detailed and shows you all those places and turns where traffic changes suddenly.

directions live traffic routes google maps

Did You Missed any Tourist Point?

For people who often travel to other cities by road will find new G Maps as a boon. Apart from already said live traffic and directions, what if you want to just see some place on your way home? What if you think your guide missed some tourist spot? Check on the carousel slider present at bottom. It will show all the good places and points which will come in your route. It’s lovely for people like me who love to wander and find places on their own without any guide and a travelling plan.

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Technical Requirements

You may have seen that info line at top of screenshot about ‘Lite’ mode. To take full advantage of features like 3D Earth view there are some minimum requirements;

1. Operating System: Windows Vista, 7 or 8, Mac OS 10.8.3+ or Chrome OS.
Nothing is clear about Linux systems but Windows XP is surely not compatible for 3D as it doesn’t support WebGL technologies.

2. Browsers: Chrome or Firefox only.
No version of Internet Explorer (not even latest 10) supports WebGL. So, Bye Bye IE.

3. Better graphic hardware cards and drivers.
My system started to slow down when I was using all features of new Maps (excluding 3D). After some minutes usage my laptop was not even responding to mouse movements. So, surely this Maps is heavy on resources.

Final Say

New Google Maps is a beautifully crafted art with years of development. Many people are eagerly waiting for its public release. I am sure you will like it and love it even more than its predecessor. However, non-compatible Windows XP and heavy resource utilization might become a problem and may force many people to stick to old Google Maps.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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