WebMin and Other Java Error

WebMin and Other Java Error

This might be little old but I still wanted to write this. As Google removed support for NPAPI plugins, many old Java based web apps started to fail and users are getting this error,

This site uses a plugin (Java (TM)) that is unsupported.”

As per Google, this has been done since version 42 for safety and speed. A newer system PPAPI is in now place which supports better security and speed.

What does this means?

This means the web browser plugins using old NPAPI, including Silverlight, Java, and Unity, will not work anymore. Additionally, you will need activate new PPAPI plugin if not enabled in Chrome by default.

Enabling PPAPI plugins:

  • In Chrome, type chrome://plugins and press enter
  • Click ‘Details’ present on extreme other side and find ‘Adobe Flash Player
  • Next find ‘Type:PPAPI’ and ‘Enable’ it. You will need to restart the browser.

Will this work?

Yes, if your plugin developer has removed old version dependency and added PPAPI. If not, then even installing new JAVA won’t help.

How to solve this? My WebMin File Manager is not working?

WebMin File Manager and other Java based plugin using NPAPI will be blocked by default and give following response

This site uses a plugin (Java (TM)) that is unsupported.”

Like WebMin, for most of the plugins there is no support or answer right now. You can reactivate the hidden NPAPI plugin in your Chrome browser. To do this,

  • Open Chrome browser and type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and press enter.
  • This will take you directly to the NPAPI settings.
  • Click on ‘Enable‘ for the NPAPI configuration. You will need to restart the browser to make it work.
Trick for WebMin File Manager
Enable NPAPI plugin for JAVA in Chrome
Restart Browser from bottom prompt
Restart Browser from bottom prompt

Refresh the File Manager or any other such plugin page to reload it. If you still get blank page with warning then look at end-corner of URL (address bar). You will find a regular briefcase type icon blocking the Java for site. Set it to Allow always for current site and you are good to go. You may get some warning to run it. Accept them.

Allow Java from Chrome Warning
Allow Java from Chrome Warning

For now it is solved but, Future?

Google might be completely removing NPAPI option so we won’t be able to enable it from version 45. So, either the developers need to start drop NPAPI and use PPAPI or you will simply need another browser.

Comments as usual, are welcome.

By Mrinal Buddekar

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