phpmyadmin loading troubleshoot geekact

In this article, I have included some issues and ways to troubleshoot phpMyAdmin starting problems. If you didn’t install phpMyAdmin then you can do this here.

phpmyadmin loading troubleshoot geekact

Problem 1 – phpMyAdmin Error 404 Page Not Found

Go here to solve this one.

Problem 2 – Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress

This takes a little more manual work. Read ahead.

1. Fire-up putty. Open php.ini file. It is a php configuration file. Mostly, present in ‘/etc’ folder (at least in CentOS). Paste the following;

nano /etc/php.ini

TIP: Use Sudo prefix if on Amazon linux or using ec2-user. Nano is text editor. If you don’t have it then install it via “yum install nano” or “sudo yum install nano”.

2. Press Ctrl+w and type ‘extension=m’ and hit enter. You have to find something like; ‘’ or ‘’

Notice the ‘y’. There is no ‘y’ in newer mysql versions.

3. Uncomment that line – means remove that “;” mark.
4. Add following lines to avoid any issues;


5. Save the file using “Ctrl+X” then type ‘Y’ and hit enter.

Warning: File will not save if you are on Amazon linux and didn’t use ‘sudo’ to edit the php.ini file.

6. Now restart the Apache server

service httpd restart

Try to access the phpmyadmin from browser. If it still doesn’t work then it means the extension which are needed aren’t installed. Read ahead.

Problem 2:  Missing extensions

1. Copy paste the following one by one.

yum install -y mysql mysql-server
yum install -y php php-mysql
yum -y install php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-gd

2. Now restart the apache server.

service httpd restart


/etc/init.d/httpd restart

3. Go to browser and try to access it using; ‘’

It should work now.

Problem 3 – MySQL root login password:

This one is simple to fix. You can do it via webmin or putty. Read this one.


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