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After getting a 50 GB lifetime account with Box, I decided to move my data from various clouds to one place. Surely, it’s wise to keep most important one at 2-3 cloud places. I moved my regular backups to one location and kept deleted it from other places leaving important one.

Mover formerly known as MyBackupBox is a service which helps you to copy/transfer your files from one source to other. Whether it be Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, FTP, SugarSync or any other industry standard backup sites. Mover is well known and reliable name in the industry. I started with a free account which comes with 10GB transfer limits. It was enough for me.

Using Mover to transfer files

First, I wanted to transfer files between Dropbox and Box. This is how you can also do it;

Interface is quite easy. After logging in just click on the ‘Add New Source’ which will bring up a screen as shown;

mover add dropbox geekact

You can notice top most line ‘Nothing yet…’. This is because there is no account added till now. After adding any account it appears here – it’s kind off quick select. I am selecting DropBox as my as my source.

You will be asked for DropBox login details. Don’t worry this site is trusted and they won’t steal anything. After some checks Mover will announce that account was added and it will also show your files from DropBox. Now time to select the Destination. Do it from other side by clicking ‘Add/Change Destination’. Follow the same process but add Box this time. If all go fine then files from Box will also be shown.

dropbox source box destination geekact

It is wise to create a folder for transfers so you will know what you transferred from where. I created a new folder at Box named ‘From DB’ by selecting ‘Create New Folder’ button as shown.


Now time to select what to transfer to this new folder. I wanted to transfer all files from DropBox to ‘From DB’ at Box. So, I selected root ‘mrinal’ at DB side and specific folder at Box side. As soon as you select the folder, faded structure will appear to give you idea how it will look like after copy.

mover selecting correct folder geekact

Now, all you have to hit ‘Start Transfer’ present in middle of screen. You can also copy this as one zip. In that case the faded folder structure may change.

You can check the activity of your copy from Activity tab present at top of site.

mover transfer complete geekact

Here is shows that 17 MB was transferred. As I am little fanatic about such things. I cross-checked it. You should also do the same after every transfer.

First you can check it via DropBox status. As I transferred everything, it was an easy match. Don’t worry about that 0.4 MB. Disks, Services and clouds have different ways of rounding up and storing files.

mover verify dropbox size geekact

Second check can be done by accessing files at your Box account. Also, there can be third check. Notice the reduced bandwidth in account status bar on Mover page.

mover limit decreased geekact

Oh! They decreased it with 20 MB directly; but for free service what more you can ask? You can also transfer from Box to Dropbox by using same connectors you created. Just replace source with destination by selecting them from quick select. You won’t need to provide logins or authorize unless you changed them.

I have also tested transfers between FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and SugarSync. They all work great.

What after 10 GB? Mover provides 1 GB per $1 of bandwidth. The least you can buy is 10 Gb. So, when you sign-up, you start with a $10 value account.

[Updated OCT2020]

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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