Some days back, I was checking on many webhost to switch IJustUtter. My search was basically for a better host with good speed and resource limits. I surfed a lot and while going through some sites I was wondering about their speeds. I wanted to know with whom they were hosted.

Unfortunately, this information is hardly available and not easily given by hosting providers. Many people and forum says about  Reverse IP Lookup but actually it was only showing other websites hosted on same server. I wanted exact name of a provider. I searched for some tool which will do this for me instead of using PING. I found some good site which give details about a website’s hosting provider.
[more accurate, better, fast & clean]
[with many adverts and less accurate]

Just go to anyone here and type-in website address (URL) and hit enter. It will give nice detail information. Nice!!! Right?


Keep somethings in mind;

– This tools may give wrong information sometimes. However, in my test first one was correct 10/10 times.
– Many times all these queries will result in higher node information instead of actual 3rd party webhost.
E.g. It shows “RubyRingTech Servers” when queried about my other site, even when VPS was purchased from ‘’. This is because GetmyVPS is customer of main seller RubyRing.

Lastly some manual ways:

1. Go to Start Menu >> RUN >> type CMD and press Enter.
2. Now type ‘PING’ and hit enter. You will get IP address for it. Copy it.
3. Now type ‘Tracert IP_ADDRESS’ and press enter. Look for IP you queried in trace table. You will get server name in format like ‘’. This will many times will clear out idea about a host but it is not necessary. So google it out to get right answer.

trace and find server website geekact

Other way is direct Google. After PING and copying IP address, directly go to Google and do this search ‘ip IPADDRESS’ and hit enter. You will get your answer.

So, go ahead and find a better web-host for you.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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