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Undoubtedly, Chrome browser is most used browser in the world right now. As per StatCounter website from GlobalStat, Google Chrome usage stands at 66.12% across platform. The top 6 have some worthy and surprising names, as you can see in below metrics. Due to this, extensions which are developed for Chrome outnumber other browser developments. We all, install them and use them but Some settings for extensions like Incognito mode, specific site restrictions and URL access is only possible using chrome extension panel. You must be thinking to have better control of extensions and ask like where are my chrome extensions, with all other extra settings?

browser market share geekact oct2020
GobalStat – StatCounter October 2020

That Samsung Internet browser is something which I wasn’t expecting in top six. However, giving the market capture Samsung devices has, it seems correct.

Coming back to original question. Answer to which is rather simple, or shall I say answers; as there are quite a few ways to find extensions location in chrome and their settings. You can either find them inside Chrome or on your hard disk (installation location). Let’s take a look at both.

1. In the Chrome Browser

Easiest way is the browser address shortcut. Just type below in Chrome address bar and press enter to find all installed, active and inactive chrome extensions.


Also, the regular ‘about’ works for Chrome as in all other browsers,


Finally, there is in-built menu in Chrome to see extensions panel if you want. Just go to below location,

Chrome Settings

With new update, ‘Extensions’ is itself available in Chrome Settings on sidebar.

Chrome Sidebar Settings

2. On the Hard disk folder (install location)

You can always view all the extension files in a folder which are installed inside your browser. You might need this to take backup of some extensions files, deprecated but working extensions or simply installing them to other browsers. Each extension is usually stored in their own folders with a name in form of ID of that extension.

You can go to below path in Windows 10 to find chrome extension and plugin files,

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions

Considering, your Windows is installed in ‘C’ drive, replace the USERNAME with yours. APPDATA folder is hidden so, you will either need to make all files visible using folder settings or copy-paste above (with your changes) in RUN menu and press enter.

chrome extension install location windows 10

It might be difficult to know which file belongs to which extension or plugin. But, that can be sorted out by reading JSON files with Notepad or Notepad++. Easier way is to install ‘Chrome extension source viewer’ from Google Webstore.

If you want to take backup of your extensions from here, then just zip the main folder with cryptic ID names using 7zip or Winzip.

Do you know what kind of settings are available in the extension panel?

There are two kind of settings which can be found here. First one is ‘Developer mode’ which is located at right hand corner of chrome which can be used to load, unload and update your own programmed extensions. Only useful, if you are a developer – not like fun menu of Android Phone Developer mode!

Second one, more useful to all users is ‘Details’ button on each chrome extension. Remember, better control and specific URL settings?

Here you can set for each extension – how you want them to be acting. Usually, below five settings will be there for almost all extensions,

  • Extension ON and OFF button (like pausing but not removing)
  • Site Access Specific and Exclusion settings
  • Allow in Incognito mode (most important for download extensions)
  • Allow Access to URL (will extension read which links you are visiting
  • Remove the extension

Let me know about any questions or help needed around Chrome browsers.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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