SEO is a matter of concern for all. Those days are nearly gone, when you come up with a new idea, write about it and forget about it. I have seen some great helpful articles without a single comments over months. SEO is not only needed by new bloggers but also established sites to make their material available first and on top.

I found this new site ‘YouSayToo’, which may help bloggers to get more traffic and even more Adsense revenues. I am still testing it and don’t know that it will work or not. However, there is no loss if it follows Big G’s all terms.

So, What is ‘’?

YouSayToo is a site which provides you with a blog post indexing from your site automatically. Once you are registered, it will start indexing and publishing your new content to your blog and account at These indexes are full post (like an autoblog), are searchable and visible to all people.

I don’t want to work more. I have many autoblog, why should I care?

This is totally automatic so no worries. Remember, it will start indexing from the day you registered. None of the old articles will be indexed.

I agree, you may be having many sites and autoblog. However, one thing we shall not forget that when a companies or firm starts something like this then they do anything to rank it high. That is important for them and beneficial for bloggers.

You said something about Adsense?

Yes! It offers an Adsense sharing system. You can join it if you want. All you need is your Adsense ID. Then your adverts will be displayed on all your articles on that site. However, there’s a catch! 50 percent of time there Adsense Adverts will be shown and 50 percent yours. This will be on their site only which will be showing your articles.

Thinking about advantage of getting 50 percent more on their high traffic site, this seems great. Also, there is no violation of Adsense policies.

Huh… Any more advantages?


Editors at YouSayToo everyday selects 6-8 articles and sites for featured categories. If your article or site is selected then you get main page of that site.

Other thing is banner sharing. You can make one banner for your site (like a side-widget) which you can customize totally. Then after accepting terms and adding a CODE to your site’s sidebar, you ‘Site Banner’ will be shown on other sites and their One Banner will be shown on yours. Kewl, right?

Nice, Any requirements? Fees?

– It’s totally free.
– You must be active writer
– Unique and original articles are preferred.
– You need an Adsense account.
– You must have active RSS Feeds and that too set to FULL.
– No Illegal contents.
– A linkback is required.

I hope you liked this information. I am still testing and analyzing it and will let you know the results.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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