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GeekAct is created, written and ran by Mrinal Buddekar. This page gives short bio with Social links to connect with us.

GeekAct features articles on WordPress, Online earning, Androids, Server (Hosting and Domain), Gadgets and deals/discounts. This is not a single niche site but a true reflection of what the author experiments and fixed. All those are converted to articles, how-to and reviews to help out people and users.

So, far we have around 200 articles and around 2000 comments by users. You can follow us and subscribe to keep yourself updated. We will send an email notifying you when article of your interest is published.

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Mrinal Buddekar

Mrinal Buddekar is a blogger. Data Manager by profession, Medico by education, Technology enthusiast by soul and Affiliate Blogger by aim! He writes on GeekAct about various topics like Tech, WordPress, Servers, Programming, Affiliate marketing and some other niches depending on what is done next.

You can connect with him at Google+ and Twitter.

You can contact him directly at GeekAct.com by using this contact form.

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