Unyson is a free drag and drop framework developed by ThemeFuse – one of the top WordPress themes and plugin brand. Looking at the extensive feature set Unyson is a powerful framework and something you should really try at least once.

Unyson offers tons of options and features like direct theming, MegaMenu, drag and drop page builder, Demo content manager, backup module, in-built sliders, portfolio page and contact form etc. I was the loving it until I tried to install MegeMenu extension and got hit by error as below,

Cannot Download the "MegaMenu" extension zip. Couldn't connect to host.

couldn't connect to host

No matter what I did, the error was always same and plugin was never able to add or even update extension. Being a Genesis framework lover, it’s tough to accept any other framework easily and I knew that, this error would hamper user experience and deter people to use this free framework. So, I decided to fix it.

I found a workaround after reviewing various logs and it’s as simple as A, B and C. The workaround is just manual download of extension and then uploading it to your WordPress plugin folder. Geeks can now leave this article and try to fix things on their own. For others, the process is given below.

Fix Couldnt connect to download Unyson extension

Download the required extension from GitHub

ThemeFuse is maintaining all extension for Unyson at GitHub at below link,


At this page, scroll down a little bit and download the extension you want by going on the extension page. Download your required extension and unzip it. For example purpose, I am considering the MegaMenu extension.

Click on Clone or download and select ‘Download ZIP’ to get the package as one ZIP file.

Extract the zip file anywhere on your desktop or somewhere feasible for you to copy,

Couldn't connect to host unyson

Navigate to your WordPress wp-content folder

Use a FTP program or file manager available in CPanel and navigate to below folder,


There are many folders here. Each one of this, represents the extension for Unyson framework. You will need to copy and paste all files for the chosen extension into it’s respective folder. Here, for example purpose I have copied MegaMenu extension unzipped files to it’s folder.

Check the updated Unyson extension in WordPress

Go back to Unyson section in your WordPress admin backend and you will find that the extension is now installed. You can activate it, if installed for first time.

Surprisingly, further automatic updates never gave me problem or errors once this was workaround was used.

Please let me know if this was useful for you or not. We can dig in into your problem 🙂

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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