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Halloween is around the corner with offers and discounts flooding the internet space. I thought to share some good ones for which I was contacted by publishers directly to give some heavy discounts to readers.

WonderFox contacted me with a very different offer. They are not only offering gracious discounts on their products but also 9 Free Licensed software which doesn’t require any purchase.

WonderFox is the same company which brought us; class video editing and manipulation tools like HD Video Converter Factory Pro, DVD Ripper Pro, DVD Video Converter and Video Watermark. They are also offering these software with Lifetime license and 7.5% discount but not DVD Ripper. Because DVD Ripper is also FREE and of the free download with license.

So, do you want to know what other 8 tools are being offered for free? You will be surprised as some are quite known and costly. Grab all of them as this Giveaway will end soon.

Link to all these downloads is given at end of article with one more surprise waiting for you!

WonderFox Giveaway – 9 Free Softwares

1. DVD Ripper

So, as told above this tool is developed by WonderFox and is an excellent one to rip DVDs. It is known that you can rip a DVD to digital file in just 5 minutes with flawless 1:1 quality level. Users have reported that this tool is very easy and click-to-get-result type of technology. You can compress a DVD(7.5 GB) to video(1.2 GB) without losing quality. It supports all major formats like MPG, MPEG, AVI, MKV, H264, H265, MP4, M4V, VOB, WMV and many others. It can also assist you in bypassing and removing region codes, DVD CSS, some of the well known DRMs etc and is compatible with all Windows system from XP and above.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Giveaway

However, this doesn’t comes with upgrades. Other one, Lifetime version with updates is $29.95 but currently being offered at $24.95.

2. Sticky Password

If you haven’t heard about Sticky Password then you might need to read thousands of reviews to know the history of this software. Loved by many and used as primary password vault; Sticky Password is also famous on Android apps.

Sticky Password Premium Giveaway

It is one stop Password filler, form filler, secure storage which is like save, forget and only browse. The one being offered here is Sticky Password Premium and not the Free one which other sites provide. This is huge freebie as Sticky Password Premium comes at $149.99 for a Lifetime license which you will get it for free. Of course, only security updates will be provided and not version upgrades.

3. Heimdal PRO

Heimdal PRO is a famous and second Gen Anti-Malware Security Software. It not only protects you with virus but also Ransomwares, Hijacking wares and trojans etc. The virus pattern file and scanning engine is quite sensitive and fast to become your first line of defense. The PRO version includes, traffic based malware detection, Anti-Adware and Spyware, Banking security, Anti Data theft and hijacking modules, Antiphising engine, Two-way firewall, URL and SQL injection, zero-day protection and many more. The yearly cost is 34 Euros but here it is for free.

Heimdal Pro Giveaway

4. Adguard

Tired of intrusive ads and adverts covering your whole browser? Adguard is the answer! 21000 users can’t be wrong when they say they hate intrusive ads and potential virus injections with inadvertent click. The premium version also has Parental control.Adguard Giveaway

5. Watermark Software

This is a new software but I liked the way it is programmed and designed. The GUI is almost similar to most of the Watermark Software I used. The batch feature and support to almost all picture formats makes it a worthy companion to keep. Watermark your images on your laptop after checking the preview and then save them. Declare and Hold your right on your stuff. Nuff said!

Watermark Software Giveaway

6. Magic Camera

The on-the-fly use of built-in camera to create images, pranks etc sounds a good idea? You can simply change things around while chatting, add props, add remove textures, create funny faces and smileys etc. All this directly while chatting live. It supports Facebook chat, Skype, and many others. Suddenly look beautiful or scary for this Halloween. Sounds fun! Right?Magic Camera Giveaway

7. Soda PDF

Soda PDF is well known name in PDF industry now. Not everyone can afford Adobe PDF editor and Adobe reader is just good for reading PDF – not editing. Soda PDF Home helps you to read, edit, create and secure your PDFs. You can create PDFs from Word, BMP, JPEG, PNGs and even scanned images. Adobe standard security features are all available at your disposition. It is a good high priced product and will be replaced by Soda PDF online (very costly) but for now available for FREE! Get it, while it lasts.

Soda PDF Giveaway

8. Iris Pro

The implementation of technology to assess health, using Laptop or system Webcam is the idea which caught attention of many people. This software monitors your eyes, stress and sitting hours from your own Webcam. It alerts and suggest breaks for your good. I don’t know about you, guys… But I need to get this one.

Iris Pro Eye health software

9. IObit Uninstaller Pro 7

Ever found a program, plugin or app which you are unable to uninstall? Ever clicked on an advert by mistake, resulting in installation of a malware or trojan but can’t get rid of it? IObit Uninstaller is been in security industry so long that, not hearing it’s name is not possible. This amazing tool can help you save your system along with many hours as it finds out any such programs and uninstall them for you. It cleans out the toughest of the software which create copies of them while getting removed. Such malignant warez doesn’t come back with system restart when removed by IObit Uninstaller. A cleaner and better Laptop/PC.

IOBit Uninstaller Giveaway

T&C for these software.

– Users can get all the giveaway software for free during the Halloween campaign period.
– Upgrades and technical service vary for each software. Please check the user guides in zip files.
– Please contact the software support team if any problem occurs during use or activation.
– Giveaway will end on 5th Nov.

Surprise: Extra $5 Voucher for WonderFox

If you hit “Like” on WonderFox official page then you will get extra $5 voucher in your WonderFox account which can be used to buy their products even at lesser cost.

Update: You will also get 1 Year license to a new Backup software.

Wonderfox giveaway geekact

I hope you liked this Giveaway with all these premium software for free. Let me know your thoughts. A simple thanks will suffice.

By Mrinal Buddekar

Data Manager and a technology enthusiast! Mrinal Buddekar is Pune based blogger who loves building server, websites, technology, and affiliate blogging.

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