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Make your Blog to be included & indexed in Technorati


Technorati is a great place to get traffic. It is mainly beneficial for Technology Blogs. Technorati is searched by millions of people everyday whom are specifically interested in Good Material and not like Blog Exchange shits. (Yeah! I use one of them but I know they are all just ok!)


So, yesterday I came to know that you can make Technorati to index your blog automatically. They call it Claiming Your Blog. Till now, I was just posting links via share button. Lol! How dumb!

Now, how to do it?

1. Simple, Login to your Technorati account.

2. Then go to  your Profile by Clicking your Account Name which is just on side of Logout.

3. At bottom, you will find “Claim Your Blog” option. Fill in your blog name and then hit “Claim”

4. You will receive notification and mail that Technorati needs to analyze and verify the blog which may take time.

5. Login to your account after sometime to check back. At bottom this time, you may see your blog main page screenshot.

6. Hit Claim Blog again and then you will be given a CODE which you have to put in your new Post.

7. You can either Publish a new post for this purpose or paste in some other older one.

8. Hit “Verify Claim Token”

9. It will display that it may take time to Verify the claim. That’s normal, it just takes some minute. Check back in profile.

10. Next time you will see your sites post getting indexed heavily. 🙂


If your claim fails then try to include the CODE in excerpt or in an alone post. It shall come in RSS Feeds and in starting.


  1. PSP Games Free Downl

    July 13, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    thanks a lot for the info, iv'e just got verified.


  2. Riya

    July 15, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    This was very helpful as I was unable to find out where it is hidden on there site. Thank you.


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