I am receiving heavy mails and comments on my previous post “Get Entropay using SBI Maestro Debit Card“. All the questions are repetitive and many people are getting confused without any reason. I have to reply to each one (lengthy replies) to solve their problems and it is not worth it because they are not reading previous comments. Just asking same questions. So, for sake of all (and little me too 🙂 ), I am posting all question and answers (clarifications here).

Please go through it and if your question or problem is not answered, then surely ask here. Also, you can say thanks if it helps you.


1. Is this Process Legal?
> Yes it is legal. You, me, him, that person…  no one is doing anything wrong here.

2. With this, can I pay web hosting bill and domain charge to Hostgator, Namecheap, Godaddy?
> Yes! My website is on NameCheap (awesome host) and I pay with this only.

3. Can I pay at Android Market, Apple iTunes Store or BlackBerry Apps?
> I have tried it at Android Market and BlackBerry Apps. It worked. Someone please let me know about Apple.

3a. Can I pay for Porn sites etc using this?
> Whoa…mate slowdown. Talking about all these stuff isn’t allowed here. However why don’t you try by yourself.

4. Internet Banking, 3D-Secure, MBS : Do I need them all?
> In most cases, this method is working with 3D-Secure only. However some people may need Internet Banking and MBS.

5. I have internet banking, but I can’t pay using it?
> You don’t have full transaction rights then. Contact bank.

6. Error: I can’t load money even when I followed everything. I get General Service Error or something. Why?
> – Check: Internet Banking (with Full Transaction Rights)?
–  International Currency Exchange Timings (generally between 10 am – 4.30 pm).
–  Saturday, Sunday, National or International Holidays?
– Correct 3D-Secure password. Check by going at site and logging in.
– MBS (SBI Mobile Banking) – May be required for some.
– Check all details and repeat the procedure.
– Check you got any mail from Entropay for Verification. Till then your account will be limited.
– No offence, but do you have sufficient funds in bank account? It should cover loading plus nominal fee that too according to current exchange rates.
– Try some other time. Nowadays, something going on with SBI. It gives me ‘Invalid Authentication’ or “General Service Error” during online recharges and ticket booking with SBI debit card when everything is correct. Sometime it doesn’t work. It might have got a bug recently.

7. I have 19 Digit number on my SBI Maestro. Will it Work?
> For Sure.

8. Maestro International Card (like from South Africa)? Yuva Card? Master Card? Visa?
> Above all are being reported working. Please take little pain to explore and report back if you get any more card working. I will add, it helps people.

9. ICICI Cards? United Bank? PNB?
> ICICI worked for some and didn’t for others. No report of United Bank or PNB.

> Your bank already gives VCC from Internet Banking accounts that too free. Call bank to know more.

11.  What happens if we didn’t use money transferred to Entropay? Is there any way to reverse it to SBI account?
> Yes! Entropay supports 2 way transactions.

12.  I am not from Maharashtra OR I am from other state? Will it work?
> Reported  working from Gujarat, Karnataka, AP, UP, Maharashtra, MP and some other. So, it will work.

13.  Date on my card is Sep 2011. What will be expiry date?
> Sep = 9th Month. Add 8 Months and 5 years . So, it comes 9+8=17 and Year comes 2016.
But there are only only 12 months so, subtract 12 from 17 which gives you 5 (May) and add 1 more year to 2016 (since we were in new year when we crossed 12th month). So final date : 5/2017.

14. Can I transfer money from Entropay to PayPal?
> Yes! But you will lose that money as you can’t use money which is in PayPal for Transactions as per RBI regulation. You will need to transfer it to your Bank Account.

15. Can I use money which is already in PayPal for transactions?
> No, read question 14.

16.  Do I need to be verified to add Entropay card to PayPal?
> There is danger that PayPal may (I am saying MAY) try to deduct your EntroPay card to make you verified. There it will fail for sure. Just get verified first using your bank account. It is easiest and secure way. Then there is no danger in adding EntroPay.

17. If RBI had blocked transactions using PayPal, how I will pay by adding Entropay card?
> RBI restricted transactions by money IN THE PayPal accounts. It needs to be transferred to bank accounts. They have not put restriction on Credit Cards as credit card is processed by PayPal (as a card processor) directly without adding money to PayPal.

18. I have to use Entropay VCC at once? All the money?
> No! You can use when you want as little as you want. You can use it till expiry date of VCC card. You can use it as many times you want. It is NOT a One Time VCC. It’s Reloadable VCC. It is more like Credit Card but Prepaid. However, it is mandatory to make at least ONE transaction every 6 months (Entropay Terms).

19. Entropay didn’t ask me for verification?
> It is  Random Security Check and they ask to some, not everyone. You will get an e-mail if they want you to get checked.

20. I received a mail to submit documents? Now how I do that?
>  Take snapshot as said and upload on their portal;
– Driving License – Showing your ADDRESS
– PAN Card (TAX card) or other Government ID showing that you are Indian Resident.
– SBI Maestro Card. Scan or Camera shot of it and then in MS-Paint Hide middle numbers of card. Only SHOW Starting 6 and Last 4 Digits. This is for security Purpose. Hide the VCC code on back of your card. I know there is none. Just put Hiding sign there or official may reject the verification. They don’t understand that in India, banks don’t provide CVV for Maestro and Indian bank checks for 3D-Secure Code not CVV for Maestro. So this is to make them believe. Nothing illegal.

 21. How can I use this EntroPay card with PayPal?
> Read this Post.

22.  Can I verify PayPal with this Card?
> Don’t try it. You will ruin your VCC for all PayPal transactions.

23. Returns error while adding Entropay to PayPal.
> Check: Currency conversion and other things. Refer Original Post for troubleshooting.

24. Please, do all of this for me or assist me personally. (I get this most of the time)
> I am not on your  payroll and please don’t send me your card details and account access. How much foolish you can be? I am good person so I am trustworthy but what if I wasn’t? Fools.

25. Your method doesn’t work. Booo–hoooo–na na na n….
> I never said it will work for all but for majority it will. Recheck whole procedure and stop acting like kids.

26. Can I trust Entropay, PayPal for all documentation etc?
> They are doing business since long. They have business accreditation and proper registrations. They are trusted in the industry.

27.  I still don’t trust any of this.
> Your Problem. You have to take risk to gain something.

28. Will this card work with AlertPay, MoneyBookers?
> AlertPay – I don’t know. Please try with same method as in this post and report back. MoneyBooker surely doesn’t work.

29. This all looks fascinating. What is it about? What did I miss?
> This:  Getting Entropay card using SBI Maestro.

30. I got my SBI card blocked. All your fault.
> It can’t happen. SBI will never do it. If they did, it must be mistake. Contact bank officials. And it is not my fault. I don’t take responsibility for anything. Curiosity and needs always comes with risk.

31. What about charges for all these things? Is it not better to get real Credit Card?
> Foreign Currency exchange nominal charges + Entropay loading fee (generally $0.99) are the charges. But there is nothing else. In a real Credit Card, interest rates are higher. You have to pay for every transactions. You have to maintain fixed deposit or a current account (with huge amount), also you have to pay yearly charges. Then, which is affordable?

32. Is it safe to use this Card on Internet?
> Believe me, it is much safer because it is Prepaid card (with limit) and doesn’t disclose your identity. If you use real Credit card, you are in much more danger.

33. What information I have to enter while using Entropay online?
> Enter your name, address etc as it is. Use Card number, CVV and expiry date from the card.

34. Can I make more than 1 VCC in Entropay?
> Yes! Up to  10 at a time. But it is good to have only one. Every card you make needs at least one transactioon every 6 months.

35. Can I sell these cards and do business?
> Don’t do that. You can’t. Entropay have make arrangements that you can’t sell it. If you did, you will be at loss. You will not only get banned from your account and lose all money but you will create problems for other genuine users. Take your greed somewhere else.

36. Give me your contact number or where I can meet you?
> Sorry, too busy. Use ContactForm or comments to communicate. I am punctual in replying.

37. You at Pune? I am a girl, I want to meet you. What kind of guy are you?
> Pune – Yes. Meeting – Only if you are real. Kind of Guy – I am…..a Guy…. Question doesn’t belong here sorry. Lol!

38.  You are great and you write really to explain. How can I help you?
> Consider donating. It motivates. You can imagine : Collecting  every problem, compiling and answering to perfection is not a minutes work.

39. Am I forced to donate you? Or every month?
>  No! It is totally on you. Once or sometimes. You can’t if you don’t feel like. I just requested to consider. I will still be here helping you out. No offence. We are all friends.

Enough for now. My fingers are aching.

For any other problem or question you are having (which is not answered), comments are welcome.

Some New Questions: (update 05-Aug-2011)

1. How much time it takes for money to get loaded in Entropay Card from Bank account?
> It is always instant.

2. What is money held, lock etc?
>  Sometimes, a merchant selects to verify the card for fraud checks. This is done on any card (VCC or real) as it is merchant dependent. For a period they block the money they deserve (your purchase and payment). If they don’t find any problem they go ahead with transaction.

3. Merchant rejected my card and cancelled the transaction after it was successful?
> Fraud check! as said above. Merchant’s choice not Entropay or SBI problem. VCC Name, Address and other detail will never match with yours (given in shipping detail or profiles while shopping) as they don’t have one. So, the merchant cancels the order if you don’t produce a proof that you own that card.

4. Money refund by merchant? Time duration?
> If order is cancelled or wasn’t successful, you will get your money. Don’t worry about that, it is all automatic and as per VISA rules may take up to 10 days.

5. Why Entropay doesn’t shows  my recently made transaction and sometime money is still there after purchase?
> Merchant may have held money for fraud  check to complete. Other reason is common. This happens with VCC many times. The money is transferred but to reflect it takes 2-3 days. It also happens with real credit cards many times.

UPDATE: 30/Aug/2011

1. Can I use Bank Transfer to load funds to Entropay?
> Yes! It is possible, even from India. Read this post here (being written)

2. I have got SBI Classic Debit card. It doesn’t have  19 digit and it is VISA with CVV code. What shall I do?
> SBI released new cards with VISA, Expiry date & CVV code. Use the same process but put all real info instead of calculated one (why? >> because you have real details now).

3. I followed all but SBI Classic VISA is not working.
> Did you activated Verified by Visa and 3D-Secure on this one? Every card needs it separately. Is your card linked to your bank account properly? Verify all of these.

4. I am unable to pay to webhost directly using Entropay. What to do?
> Pay by using it in PayPal. Read this article and follow the trick.

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